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Is Voice Search Eliminating Short Tail Keywords?

is-voice-search-eliminating-short-tail-keywordsPeople are slowly and gradually shifting to voice searches in the recent times. The reason why voice search has become so popular is because our lives have become so increasingly busy that we are always finding hands-free and quicker ways to do things. While voice search has proved to be very effective, it has changed the way SEOs and online marketers work. Before voice search came into prominence, it was short-tail keywords that were the center of attraction. Now that voice search is emerging, short-tail keyword research seems to be dying.

We definitely don’t talk like we type. There is a difference when we want to type in Google and when we want to speak. This means that the search terms differ for both types of queries, which lead to different results too. This proves that voice search and short-tail keyword search are not equal. Therefore, companies who want to rank in this ever-changing environment of search will have to adjust their strategies accordingly. The difference between the two search types is one of the biggest things search engines have had to deal with in recent years.

Now that things have changed, how will you adjust? You will have to stop relying on short-tail keywords and focus on context, value and semantics. With smarter search engines today, they have begun to consider the intention behind a person’s search, instead of just showcasing what is available, they are now answering all possible questions related to the queries of users. So today, if short-tail keywords are a big part of your content strategy, it might seem like a nightmare to you! This is where these tips will help you to adjust your strategies. You must also get in touch with the best SEO company in India to help you out if you have all your strategies still focusing on short tail keywords.

Conversational keyword phrases

With the rise in voice search usage, you need to start making your keyword phrases more conversational. The phrase used while speaking for voice search is what people will search for on voice-enabled platforms. Thus, marketers need o be provided with data that they can use to rank well in the voice search segment.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords have always been a valuable marketing tactic, but it lost its value due to short keyword phrases for a while. However, because it is more in line with the natural patterns of human speech, they will prove to be better equipped to provide targeted search results and help your pages appear before the right type of audience.

Schema markup

Schema markup, designed to be placed on a website, is a code that allows search engines to interpret your business correctly and deliver relevant results in SERPs. This will help boost relevance and local SEO for a company with a local presence.

FAQ Pages

You must implement FAQ pages on your website which are simple yet accommodate the trends of voice search and ensure better rankings for common questions.

Your location

Make sure to provide an accurate physical address of your business along with a reliable map. This will help you appear in ‘Near Me’ searches and will positively affect your local ranking.

We can now conclude that with search terms becoming conversational and human-focused, short tail keywords will soon be forced out and it will time for long tail phrases and semantic approaches.


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