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How To Have A Compelling Call-To-Action?

how-to-have-a-compelling-call-to-actionDo not underestimate a call-to-action (CTA) button or link. Any mistake or carelessness in setting up a CTA can result in lost sales and conversions. Today, many business professionals are taking up the task of handling their own website design, which is why lots of tiny little things are either overlooked or missed out, which results in lost sales. This is why it is advisable to hire a professional Web development company in India to take up this task so that every little aspect can be taken care of. One such issue that businessmen may overlook, but professional developers and designers will not forget to consider is the CTA. Having a well-designed and well-placed CTA can improve conversions and bring in lots of additional sales every month. Mentioned in this blog are a few things you must check for to make sure you have a compelling CTA.

Tell the users what to do

What you write on your CTA button matters a lot. You should use verbs that prompt the users to take action. Words like sign-in, add to cart, add to wish list are used by mega eCommerce sites that stimulate visitors to take an action. So, you must tell the users what to do. Be very clear and precise. You know what you want the visitors to do and you have to make them do that. Moreover, make sure your CTAs are in the same place on every page to maintain consistency and make it easier for users to operate the buttons.

Make the CTAs stand out

Your CTAs must stand out from the rest of the page. They must have a distinctive colour that separates them from the other elements on the page. Moreover, there must be enough white space around them. Too much clutter will not grab the attention of visitors to where you want them to look. You must be able to create drama and call attention towards your CTA. You can do this by placing light vs. dark colours or large vs. small shapes on the page to draw the eyes of the visitors to that particular part of the page. Also, make sure you create visually-appealing designs.

Look from the visitors’ viewpoint

It is important that you check every design element on your site from the perspective of the visitors, and not from your viewpoint. You need to provide a great user experience to those who land on your site. In terms of CTA, you must make sure that all the buttons, forms and links are easy to find and use on both desktop and mobiles. This you can ascertain by understanding what the customers will be looking for when they visit your site. Will they want to ‘search’ for something or ‘compare’ products or look for a particular ‘category’ of products? Based on this, you can design as well as place your buttons to make them easily viewable and usable.

Don’t use too many CTAs

One mistake made by business owners is placing multiple CTAs together on a single page. Multiple CTAs will only have the page look cluttered, which will fail to attract the eyes of the visitors to where you want them to look, and thus will not be able to create an impact. So, make sure you place only those CTAs that are most important and appropriate for that particular page. Set priorities and make sure that the top concerns are gaining the most attention.

It is always better to have the most professional Web development company take up the task of designing every element of your site, including the CTAs to make sure that they will smoothly and effectively take your visitors to where they should be going in their journey.


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