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The Don’ts Of Web Designing

The-Donts-Of-Web-DesigningThe design of a website is the element that attracts or repels the viewers. In spite of having great content, if you have a poor web design, it is still going to drive away the users. So, you need to pay great attention to the design of your website if you want the traffic that is coming in to stay on your site for longer. However, there are certain common mistakes that are seen on many websites that lead to poor user experiences, and thus a considerable loss of website traffic. As designers, it is important that you prioritize the usability and utility of the website rather than creativity. Listed below is all that you should avoid while having your website designed. Hiring professional top website designers in India will keep you at rest by taking care of all the designing elements so as to provide a great user experience to your visitors. However, if you are doing all the designing yourself, here are some guidelines to help you.

DON’T overlook the goals of the business

The goal of why the website is being created is the most important element to be kept in mind throughout the process of designing. In the process, the designers may forget about the goal of the business and concentrate on embellishing the website. What they may not realize is that the design must meet the goals so as to ensure maximum traffic to be able to convert. Thus, for the best user experience, the designer must realize what the website owner wishes to achieve through the site. He must then work towards achieving that goal with the help of appropriate tools and design elements.

DON’T use too many images and animations

Too many images and animations on your site can get the users annoyed. Obviously, you do so to make your website beautiful and interesting, and to attract the eyes of the viewers but, remember not to go overboard. Besides, too many images and animations may affect the loading speed of your site too, which will have the users getting impatient. Remember to use images only where necessary. Also, while providing animations, keep them optional by providing the ‘Skip’ button.

DON’T neglect the readability

A majority of inexperienced designers focus only on the design and forget all about the kind of font styles, sizes and colours that they need to use. They first design the entire website and then select the typography that suits the design, which is very very wrong! Remember that the presentation of the content is much more important than the design. The main purpose of users getting on a site is to find relevant and useful content, and not to find a beautiful design. Obviously the design needs to be appealing but, it’s of no use if the typography is not pleasing. So, make it a point to provide clear and readable font styles and sizes. Moreover, make sure the colour of the background and your text contrast each other well so that users don’t have difficulty reading your content.

DON’T incorporate recurrent modals and pop-ups

What if you encounter a modal or pop-up as soon as you land on a site? Or what if modals and pop-ups constantly keep appearing at intervals? Obviously, it’s going to get you frustrated! Even if the content is great and interesting, these windows will ruin the user experience and have them to navigate away. It makes no sense to redirect users elsewhere on your site unless they have completed going through the page they are on. So, don’t impose these frustrating elements on them in the middle of their research. Even if you want to, atleast avoid doing so as soon as they land there. Moreover, having a modal or pop-up just once is enough.

Make sure to keep a check on whether you website is treading the right path or encountering any of the above mentioned mistakes. If you hire the top website designers in India, you need not worry about keeping a close eye on them because they would be experienced enough to do their job well. However, as a website owner, it is important that you check whether the design is meeting all your requirements or not.


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