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Released – WordPress Version 4.6 With Exclusive Features!


Just after 4 months of the release of WordPress version 4.5, another release – WordPress version 4.6 has been released this week. It is the second major release in the year 2016, and comes with several new features and improvements, which you will learn about in this blog. However, these are only the major and most important updates and features seen in the latest version of WordPress. Apart from these, there are many under-the-hood performance and stability improvements that have come about in WordPress 4.6. Seek assistance from proficient WordPress web developers in India, who know the ins and outs of the latest changes and updates so that you can have an updated WordPress website with lesser hassles.

Native fonts

Earlier, WordPress used Open Sans from Google Fonts project as the default font so that the admin interface looked same across different platforms and devices.  But, this meant WordPress would have to rely on an external third party source. Moreover, it also increased the page load times of the admin area, which affected speed. But with WordPress 4.6, the dashboard is about to get a speed boost because WordPress will now use your native system font stored on your device in the admin area. This will make it more efficient to move around in the dashboard and will get the work done faster. This change will only affect user interface elements inside the admin area, and not content area like post editor.

Auto save

We all may have experienced one or the other time, losing out on our work because we haven’t recently saved it. This is one of the most frustrating feelings one can go through. You never know when an unfortunate incident occurs, which is why you need to keep saving your work every now and then. And if you don’t, you are in for a big loss! But with WordPress 4.6, you need not worry anymore about lost work. This is because your content will be safely stored in your browser as you type, ready to be recovered at any time. WordPress will now check whether the browser has saved any new content created by the user or not. If not, WordPress will auto save the newer version.

Shiny updates

On installing a plugin or theme from WordPress earlier, it showed a progress screen which increased the page load and time. But, with the latest version of WordPress, it is faster to install and update plugins and themes with its ‘Shiny Updates’. Users will now be able to install and update plugins and themes without being redirected to the progress screen.

Broken links

Almost all of us have some time or the other ended up adding a broken link or improper URL in our posts. And, we may have experienced that when we publish the post without correcting the error, the misspelled link goes live too. But with WordPress 4.6, you can stay away from this blooper. With this latest version, as you insert links in your content, it will attempt to check for broken or poorly formatted links and will notify you of the same with its Visual Editor. These errors will be highlighted just like typos are highlighted, giving you an opportunity to correct the errors before publishing your blog.


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