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Working Towards Global SEO Success

Working-Towards-Global-SEO-SuccessEverything is going global today. A majority of businesses are striving to make a global presence, for which they are working hard to gain visibility on SERPs. But, with thousands of businesses in every field and every business competing with another, is it going to be easy to find a place in the first page of SERPs? Although it may seem really difficult, it is much easier than what people may think, only if you have the right tactics and strategies.

Seasonal and cultural differences

While planning for any kind of organic SEO, it is important to keep the seasonal differences in mind. And when you are working on global SEO, it is the cultural differences that are to be worked upon too. Different markets have different users, thoughts, emotions and different routes to conversions. You can use Google’s Journey to Conversion tool per region, which will give you immediate insight to average search to sale trends. Thus, you can plan up an appropriate budget across target markets.


Going global means you may have to target multiple languages too. If you are opting for it, make sure you add href lang tags to every page and also see to it that the right website is showing in the right location. Moreover, every country has its own search trends and key phrases. So, make it a point to adapt and update information on your pages based on the types of searches that can draw leads in the particular segment, and the user intent of that country.

Research across regions and countries

You can use every possible tool like link location/IP tracking, ranking software and geo-targeting analytics to find out how a website is performing across different regions multi-nationally. Apart from this insight, this methodology will also allow for the creation of keyword targeting and user profiling. If you want to dive further into details, you can build up strategies to cover every different element to find out how the website is performing in each target location separately. This may include PPC campaign success, lead types, landing/exit pages, abandonment, etc. You can pair up the information you find for every different location across regions and countries, which will help you find out the strengths and weaknesses in particular areas.

Link building

Link building is an important aspect, whether it is for local or global SEO. The main methodology for global link building is that you need to split target linking websites into target campaigns. Every country should have a number of websites worth targeting so that users can be engaged with more informative and relevant content. These websites may include those that are either simple listings or those that provide resources or those that offer a platform for a brand. Splitting in this way makes it easier to manage and in turn makes the entire process simpler.

Any global SEO campaign is going to take lots of time and effort. Going global is a very tricky task, which needs to be carefully managed. This is why it is suggested that you hire professional SEO services in India to get your campaign planned and worked out so that you can achieve better results faster.


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