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Things To Consider While Going For A Blog Theme Change


What kind of a theme should you opt for? Should it be a free or premium one? Should you change your theme and how often? What should you look for in a new theme? These are some of the questions bloggers have running in their minds regarding their blog theme. If you are one of them, you may understand the weight of this issue. To make your decisions easy, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind.


A theme is the most influential factor in the complete appearance of your blog. Will the new theme improve the quality and appearance of your blog as compared to your current theme? If you get a positive answer to this question, you must move ahead with a theme change.

Theme adequacy

If your current theme is not completely adequate to meet your needs, you must definitely opt for a change because there are an enormous number of themes that can be much better and effective for you. So, you need not settle for one that doesn’t satisfactorily meet your requirements.

Blogging goal

You must understand what your goals are. If getting to the top of the charts in the blog list is your goal, you are most likely to get a high-quality unique theme. But, if you are not concerned with getting to the top or earning a handsome amount of money with your blog – if your main aim is only to communicate with and interest your readers – you must opt for a free theme instead. So, decide on the type of theme after considering your goal.

Money concern

If your blog is a way for you to earn, and if you believe that your blog theme change will bring in some more revenue, you should consider investing in a premium or custom theme. When you start earning after the theme change, it will obviously make up for the theme cost. Moreover, you can always increase the earning potential of your blog with an effective theme change.

Branding effect

Blog theme is a part of branding strategy. You need to understand how your current theme contributes to branding your blog. If you do have an established brand and you feel that it is time for change, consider creating a new theme but, make sure to feature some recognizable elements that your current theme possesses so that you do not lose recognition. These features may be your logo, colour scheme or layout style. With a lot of competition around, the best bet is to hire a company that provides high class internet marketing services to help you achieve most appropriate branding for your blog.


If your current theme is one that your readers are used to or where they can find what they are looking for, you need to make sure that the new theme does not get difficult for them to use. You will need to customize your new theme in a way that it is adjusted at a level that is usable for your users.


With so many free themes available, and so many blogs using similar ones, you need to have a unique look for your blog to make it stand out. Unique blogs are remembered by visitors and may want them coming back for more. So, considering uniqueness is very important. If you are using any of the free themes that may others may be using, you need to have a custom logo or unique header image. If you can, you must try moving from a free theme to a premium or custom one, so that there are lesser similarities between yours and other blogs.


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