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Guidelines For A Good SEO Copy


SEO today is more dynamic, more relevant, more useful and more interesting than ever before. SEO changes faster than almost anything else in the world. So, if you think you are up to date with SEO, you may be mistaken. If you are not keeping up with the superfast changing trends, your content may suffer. Your quality of being adaptable will help you stay at the top of today’s high-quality content standards. Here are a few guidelines to help you make your SEO copy better.

Reconstruct your headline

If you don’t have an engaging and attractive headline, your article may look dull on SERPs. And, dull articles don’t receive many clicks. As we all know, articles that receive multiple number of clicks start moving up to the top of SERPs. So, improve on your headline because it is the headline that makes the first impression on the readers. Improving your headline will help in improving your click-through rate to a great extent.

Restructure your meta content

Missing out on meta descriptions and titles means you are missing out on a lot. You can boost your SEO to a great extent simply by writing great meta content. There are a few criteria that you must follow while writing your metas. Use the character limit to the maximum. Use the maximum number of characters but, remember not to go overboard. Google has increased its meta content length just recently by expanding the title tag length to 70 characters and meta description limit to 100 characters per line. So, make maximum use of it. Also, don’t be bland with your words. Make your metas spicy and exciting that will have your readers to stop and read your post.

Focus on your readers and RankBrain

Whatever you do, you are doing it for your readers, right? So, if your content is not readable or isn’t interesting for the readers, they are never going to read your content, and then you can’t get full ROI out of it. Other than the readers, writing for RankBrain is becoming an important consideration too. Because RankBrain is the third most important ranking algorithm, content that is RankBrain-focused can help visitors and earn a high number of clicks. All of this will help in boosting SEO and securing a better position in SERPs.

Avoid stuffing your content with keywords

Although keywords are important for having your content ranked but, it isn’t necessary to stuff as many keywords as you wish within a single piece of content. Keep your content user-friendly and don’t rely only on keywords. Today, relevance is more important than keywords, which is why it is possible to rank well even if you don’t insert keywords at every turn.

Move beyond screenshots

It is important to include images in your content to make it visually attractive. But, don’t stick to screenshots alone. There isn’t any doubt in the fact that screenshots can help in illustrating your point but, they are not very interactive. So, you must think of more forms of interactive content like including embed codes for tweets, so that it makes your content more interactive to serve your readers better.

Mobile-friendly content

Smartphones are the trend today. People are using their mobiles more than ever before to browse the Web. This is why Google recently increased the power of its mobile-friendly ranking signal. Make sure your content is mobile compatible, offers fast load times, has optimized pages and provides convenient mobile-friendly navigation.

With the ever changing SEO industry, you need to adjust to the best in order to safeguard your company against the constant fluctuation of SEO. Hire the best SEO copywriting services to provide high-quality relevant content for your readers in the most interactive way.


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