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5 Most Essential Magento Web Design Trends

5-Most-Essential-Magento-Web-Design-TrendsBeing in the online retail sector, you know how difficult it is to stay put in the market with the immense and tough competition around. Everyone has their own ways and styles of presenting their store to make it more successful. You may not need to follow every latest trend in order to succeed. But, gaining knowledge about your competitors’ sites and what your customers expect to see on your site brings no harm. In spite of what you think, the truth remains that following the latest design trends is one of the most essential steps to the success of your eCommerce store. Providing a great user experience on your site is a must, and keeping up with the latest trends will help you achieve that much better. For a modern and visually impressive website, you must opt for Magento with its inbuilt high-end features, speed, scalability and reliability. To rise above the crowd, you may go through the below mentioned Magento web design trends suggestions and follow them as much as you can. You can also get in touch with a renowned Magento website development company who will take care of all the below mentioned trends and much more to boost conversions and sales on your eCommerce store.

Big background sliders

Using big background images has a deep impact on the visitors by captivating them so that they are interested to be hooked on to your website for longer and exploring it further. Moreover, sliders are eye-catchy because of which you can use them to showcase your new offers and products to bring them more into focus. You have the option to keep the sliders big enough to be noticeable or even full screen to grab complete attention of your visitors.

Background video

Videos make a website more interesting and significant. Use large browser-sized videos as a background for your Web page to create an attractive and richer visual experience for the users. Use these videos to demonstrate your products/services, or let your users know how your products work, or tell a story through the video, or anything else. A big background video will make your site more fun than a regular static page.

White space

White space is the filler between the elements of design on the page. It creates space between different chunks of text, which helps in drawing attention to the content, rather than bringing a clumsy or cluttered look to the page. Just because the name specifies ‘white’, you need not stick to this space being white in colour. It can be any coloured background or even patterned or textured, only keeping in mind that the page looks visually attractive and brings the required impact to the content.

Ghost buttons

These empty transparent buttons go well with the website’s theme without disturbing it. Even though these buttons have a thin outline with fonts in a light colour, they can easily catch a visitor’s attention if they are strategically placed against the background.

Hovering effect

When a user hovers over an image, button or any other area on the site, the hovering effect will bring a more intuitive feel to the site. It will breathe life into the pages and interact with the users. You can boost user experience by making elements respond to their actions with the help of hovering effects, thus making the navigation through your site interesting and thrilling.

Hiring a well-know Magento website development company will help you achieve the above trends and much more like parallax scrolling, flat design, typography and card layouts on your site, which will take the web experience to an all new level!


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