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Tips To Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate


Many websites do everything possible – right from the best web design, right images, and appropriate content to great speed and security – in order to build a website which not only attracts the right traffic, but also brings in more conversion. Yet they do not get

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Relevance Of Keywords To SEO In 2015


With the resurgence of long-tail keywords, the focus on keyword-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is gradually dying out. There was a time when Google collected data about a site solely based on the keywords which were present on the pages and the links. Companies also measured their

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Boost Your Facebook Page With These Strategies


Your Facebook (FB) page is one of the most important tools with which you can market your products and services. But it has often been seen that many companies resort to excessive promotions and marketing through their FB page, no wonder this year Facebook has announced strict

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Save Your Website From Hackers

The security of one’s website is one of the most important issues. Leakage of personal information, right from credit card info to personal pictures of celebrities to email IDs and passwords, is the rule of the day. Thus it has become critical that you secure your website

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Classified Ads Publishing For A Greater Reach


Classified Ads publishing is one of the most significant task under the SEO umbrella. Through this service you can advertise your outstanding products and services to the right audience. All you need to do is submit advertisements for your products and services on general Classified Ads publishing

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Boost Your Web Development By Merging SEO And UX


In order to deliver a perfect web design, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) are undoubtedly the most important of them. Powering your web development with both these elements is surely going to help your

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Boost Your Business With A Good UX Design


The end-users of our products and services play a very important role in determining most of your business strategy. Therefore it becomes all the more crucial that we pay attention to their likes, dislikes, needs and desires whenever we plan to make changes in the web design

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Make The Best Use Of UTM Tagging in Digital Marketing


Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) tags are codes which you can attach to the end of a URL which provides you information about the source of the traffic on your site. When clicked on, the UTMs send signals to Google Analytics which allows you a better understanding of

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Warm Greetings for Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Uttarayan


Welcome the season of Spring with the festival of Makar Sankranti. Also known as Lohri, Pongal, Utrayan and Bhogi Bihu – Makar Sankranti is essentially a harvest festival. An extremely ancient Hindu festival celebrated since the time of Vedas, it an occasion to express one’s gratitude to

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Benefits Of Speed Optimization For Your Website


Has it ever come to your mind that the speed of your website is as important as its design or any other feature? Every year internet sees a constant rise in the size of files – from kilobytes the file sizes have moved on to megabytes. This

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