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Save Your Website From Hackers


The security of one’s website is one of the most important issues. Leakage of personal information, right from credit card info to personal pictures of celebrities to email IDs and passwords, is the rule of the day. Thus it has become critical that you secure your website from hackers. You can talk to your web designers for doing the needful in your website.

However, we present some tips with which you can save your website from hackers.

Secure your website

You can do this by installing antivirus software on your system before browsing the web. In fact you should have a security system which serves as your website’s first line of defense against hacking attacks. For e.g. you can install a web application firewall. It will not only inspect incoming traffic but also weed out malicious requests thereby protecting your site from SPAM, SQL injections, cross site scripting and other OWASP.

Always update all your software

As the owner of your website, you must see to it that all the software which you run is up to date. Most CMS providers like Joomla, WordPress etc. always try to plug the holes in their systems and release regular updates, which makes their software less vulnerable to hackers. Thus it makes sense that you too update all your web applications regularly to bring down the chances of hacking.

Always use strong passwords and regularly change them

This is one of the easiest and also the most common way to save your website from hackers. Both brute force attacks and dictionary attacks try to get the username password combinations on daily basis across the web. If you use a strong password you can effectively limit the dictionary and brute force attacks. Strong passwords are in fact quite essential not only for your email or financial transactions online but also for your website server as well as admin and database passwords.

Switch to HTTPs

The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is one of the most secure communications protocol which can be used to transfer sensitive information between a website and a web server. When you move your website to the HTTPS protocol, you add an encryption layer of Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to your HTTP making your users’ and your own data extra secure from hacking attempts. Along with providing better security, the HTTPS also provides you with better search engine rankings.

Secure your Admin directories

Usually hackers gain access to one’s website by going straight to the source and hacking into your admin directories. Hackers use scripts to scan all the directories on your web server for giveaway names like ‘login’ or ‘admin’. Once this is done they focus on entering the folders to compromise your website’s security. Thus it is recommended that you use safe sounding names for your admin folders which are known only to your webmasters. This will reduce the probability of a potential breach to a large extent. This is one of the most basic and easy way to avoid the hacking scenario which usually ignored by so many websites around the world.

These are some of the best ways in which you can gear your web design, and secure it from the hackers.


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