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Monthly archive for October 2015

Google Has Made Algorithm Changes To Target Hacked Spam


Hacking has been a problem since several years with the issue growing every day. A majority of site owners who are attacked by hackers, are struggling to overcome the issue. What do these hackers do? They attack reliable sites and use them to engage in offensive behaviour

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How Do Colours Play A Vital Role In Website Conversions?


Do you know that colours play a very important role in every walk of life? Remember the black and white era that we see in the movies? How would you feel if everything around you was only in black, white and grey? You get a dull feeling, right?

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What Are The Latest SEO Strategies?


Even if you have years of experience in blogging, SEO will still be a problem because it keeps changing constantly. Every time you will see a new practice coming up. But, this is done for the benefit of all – the audience as well as the SEO

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Which Factors Does Google Consider For Ranking Mobile Sites?


Google had come up with a ‘Phantom Update’ in April/May 2015, which favoured mobile-friendly sites in search results. It did not turn out to be a ‘mobilegeddon’ but it definitely has had a strong impact in these five months. The percentage of mobile-friendly sites has been increasing

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Twitter Set To Lift The 140 Character Limit On Tweets

  Twitter has lifted the 140 character limit on direct messages on 12th August 2015 and now lets users type upto the extent of 10,000 characters! Direct messages on Twitter lets you have private conversations with others. There have been many changes in the direct messaging system

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PPC Practices That Actually Do Not Work


The digital marketing industry is ever-changing. What might be the best methodology last year might not be the same this year. So, as digital marketers, you need to be well aware of what is happening in your industry. You need to be flexible to any and every kind

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Steps For A Perfectly Designed Website


  “First impression is the last impression.” This is true for websites too. You need to build such a website that creates a lasting impression on the visitors. A website should be such that it immediately attracts the attention of the visitors and compels them to stay

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