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What Are The Latest SEO Strategies?


Even if you have years of experience in blogging, SEO will still be a problem because it keeps changing constantly. Every time you will see a new practice coming up. But, this is done for the benefit of all – the audience as well as the SEO experts. The latest strategies have only a limited number of elements, and if you want to stay anywhere on the first pages of search engines, you need to follow some techniques and abide by the rules of SEO. Read on to learn about the latest SEO strategies.

How does content play a role in SEO?

People earlier filled their pages with content that consisted of lots and lots of keywords. Stuffing keywords into your content was once considered the best SEO strategy. You would see keywords in the content, in the title, in the meta tags and everywhere else. But, since Google has seen that stuffing keywords into the content has resulted in a lot of spam, it has excluded it from the SEO strategy. Now, Google keeps a watch on the kind of content you provide. It looks for quality content that is related to the topic, provides relevant information, covers all the important points effectively and is understandable. Although stuffing keywords is not a good practice but, you need to have certain keywords here and there for the users to find you easily, which might increase traffic on your site and thus, bring you higher SEO.

Google prefers content that is around 1000 to 3000 words in length. But, remember that in order to fulfill this, you do not fill up the page with irrelevant content because as said earlier, Google analyzes the quality of your content for relevancy. Use words that Google can relate to and also bear in mind to use simple and understandable language. Using fancy language might only confuse the readers and thus, affect you ranking. Break up your content into paragraphs with sub-headings to make your points clear.

What are the benefits of socializing for SEO?

Social media has widely spread around the globe, may it be for personal or professional usage. A common man uses it to connect with friends and family. Businessmen use it to connect with customers and followers. This is the best place where you can convert visitors to clients by using the right kind of strategy to communicate with them. Share your content and web pages on social media platforms that will help you connect with the audience type you require.

Now, you might wonder how this affects SEO. Google checks for the number of times your website or brand name is typed in its search bar or on social networking sites. If it finds you popular, you will rise from where you stand in SERPs. In order to convert visitors to customers, you can attract them by offering discounts and newsletters, or offering some complimentary gifts if they purchase from you. Also check what the users are expecting from you, and write your blogs based on that information. Use relevant images and videos to make your content appealing and interesting.

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