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Design Features Essential For An eCommerce Website


Today, online shopping has become such a craze that not only has women glued to eCommerce stores but, men too keep looking for smartphones, tech gadgets and much more online! Parents today shop online for all their little ones needs – right from walkers and bouncers when

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What Is The Status Of Google’s Separate Mobile Search Index?


Google had announced a separate mobile search index in March 2015. It had said that it would be working on a mobile only version of the search index, meaning that desktop and mobiles will be having completely separate search indexes. Google had created a special team to

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Truth Behind The Most Common Social Media Marketing Myths


Social media has become an unavoidable part of our lives, whether it is for fun, or for maintaining personal relationships, or for building up business. In fact, using the right social media marketing strategy can help in increasing website traffic and building up more business. However, popularity

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Google Expands Ad Text Headline And Description Character Limits


During the annual Google Performance Summit Keynote, there were lots of exciting changes announced, out of which what we are going to speak about in this blog is the expanded text ads. How significant this update is to AdWords you will understand while you read further. What

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How To Improve eCommerce Web Copy To Boost Conversion Rates?


Copywriting is one of the very important aspects for a website because it forms the foundation of your brand. Customers want to know more about your product/service and this is what your Web copy does. When considering an eCommerce store, no matter how beautifully it is designed

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How To Combine UX With SEO To Improve A Site’s Performance?


User Experience centers at target audiences and is based on their design and navigation preferences. SEO concentrates more on the content and data of the site and works towards increasing the website’s visibility on SERPs. Although they are two diverse segments, none of them can stand on

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Easy Tips To Keep Your Clients Happy And Content


Web designers and developers have more responsibilities than creating a beautiful meaningful and functional website design. One of the most important tasks they have to perform is making their clients happy. It isn’t necessary that what you as a designer or developer think is beautiful or effective

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Individual Bid Adjustments For Different Devices In AdWords


Google Performance Summit is the annual event for Google AdWords, where new product features, plans, research and more is shared. Held on 24th May 2016 in San Francisco, there were changes announced for AdWords for the near future. One of the significant changes announced provides advertisers more

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How Important Are Sidebars?


With the ever-changing trends on the Web every now and then, there is one thing that hasn’t changed ever since – and that’s the sidebar. It has had a long life ever since it came around since the early days of the Web. It has been researched

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How And Why Is Spam Flooding Google My Business?


In the year 2015, Google handed out more than 4.3 million manual penalties! Google has been putting in impressive efforts to get off with spam but, why it doesn’t put in the same hard work for Google My Business is a question yet to be answered. The

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