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Should You Optimize For Desktop, Mobile, Or Voice?


With things like mobile-first indexing and voice search, desktop searches have gone incredibly low. But, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. But, with this complexity of desktop, mobile, and voice, we are left wondering where to focus our optimization efforts on. Is desktop the most important, or is it mobile, or voice search? Well, for this, you first need to analyze your audience – the route that they take to reach you.

However, what we all also know is that no user is limited to using only a single device. They are there on all kinds of devices – laptops, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, smartwatches, etc. So, when people aren’t focused onto a single device, your optimization strategy shouldn’t be as well. Instead of optimizing for a certain touchpoint, it is better to optimize for an entire journey.

When you analyze, you may find t hat 90% of your traffic is coming from desktop, and the rest 10% if through mobile and voice. This will compel you to think that you must optimize for desktop, and not be worried about mobile or voice. But, this approach is not going to be fruitful. Think of this. Isn’t is possible that people are visiting your mobile page, or are trying to find you through voice, but you may be performing really poor on these platforms, which is why users are shooed away from there? Or isn’t it possible that the people on desktop, mobile, and voice are not three different groups of people, but are in fact a single group of people trying to reach you through all ways? In any case, if you analyze it as optimizing for only desktop, it may lead to some very bad decisions and choices!

Today, people are constantly switching between devices. They could have seen something on TV, searched for it on their smartphone, and then got onto a latop to get the larger picture. Or, while on a journey, they may have also gotten onto their smartwatches to send signals to their other devices. So, people aren’t replacing their devices; they are using them all together. This process of operating between and across devices, if broken down by even a single link, could prove to be harmful for your business.

Now, the challenge is that you can’t hire a separate team for mobile optimization or voice optimization, probably because you are low on budget, or don’t have the buy-in. So, you either hire a digital marketing company in India to handle it all together, or you experiment with featured snippets. Google is trying to use their same core engine and same core competency across all devices. So, they don’t want to write algorithms for all of the devices. Every ad, every knowledge panel, every organic result, and every new story is a card. Google mixes and matches all these cards, and puts as many pieces of information as it makes senses for any given device.

Therefore, this may seem to be good news as the things you do to tank on desktop, could be useful to help you rank on mobile and voice too. So, be aware and do not break the chain. And, encourage people to do more research, give them rich content, draw their attention to your site, and build credibility. With all of these devices being optimized for, you can definitely build a brand!


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