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How Important Is ‘Design’ To Achieve Social Media Success?


Social media platforms today have become highly popular among users of all age groups. This is the reason why business owners are spreading across these platforms to get noticed and increase traffic to their site, thus increasing business profits. With so much happening on social media, in

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How To Optimize A Travel Website For SEO?


With the widespread use of smartphones and internet, more and more people today are relying upon online channels for booking their travel. If you are into the travel industry and your business relies on online booking, travel SEO plays a vital role in the growth of your

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What Factors Does Google Consider For Local Ranking?


When people search on Google for businesses or places near their location, local results are shown on their pages. For example, if you type “Bakery shop” in Google search, you will be shown a list of bakery shops near your location. Along with that, will be given

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Why Should You Opt For Premium WordPress Themes Over Free Themes?


There are many of us who choose free WordPress themes so that we don’t burn a hole in our pocket. It comes free and so, we can do lots of experimentation without worrying about the expenses. But, what we fail to look at is the problems we

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Twitter Images Can Now Be Accessible To The Blind Too

Webmasters are making their websites look beautiful and attractive. Social media platforms are making their designs easier to navigate, without breaking the rule of a delightful visual appeal. Advertisement owners are designing ads in a way that it captivates the eyes of the viewers. All this is

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How Can You Prevent Your Website Against Negative SEO?


You have surely heard about SEO if you are into the field of the Web. But, have you heard about Negative SEO? It is a practice of using black hat and unethical techniques to disrupt the ranking of a competitor in SERPs. This can be done by

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