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Why Should You Opt For Premium WordPress Themes Over Free Themes?

Why-Should-You-Opt-For-Premium-WordPress-Themes-Over-Free-ThemesThere are many of us who choose free WordPress themes so that we don’t burn a hole in our pocket. It comes free and so, we can do lots of experimentation without worrying about the expenses. But, what we fail to look at is the problems we may face with free WordPress themes. It is possible that you put in all efforts to build your website so beautifully only to find out one day that it has disappeared! This means that your website has been hacked and your data is all gone. This can be the biggest problems when a free WordPress theme is used. Listed below are some reasons why you should quit free themes and opt for premium ones.

Limited features

It is obvious that when you use free themes, you will have limitations. Free WordPress themes will offer you only the very basic features that may help your site look good but, not exceptional. On the other hand, premium themes come with lots of versatile and advanced features that can help boost your website’s usability and performance.

No SEO features

We all know how important SEO is for a website to rank higher in SERPs. A free WordPress theme will not provide inbuilt SEO options. A theme should have well-written codes to help search engines to understand your website better. It must have a minimum of JavaScript and CSS codes. It must be light-weight so that it doesn’t take too long to load. It must support responsive designs because if a website is unable to perform on mobiles and tablets, it is definitely going to lose out on a high number of audiences. These features are included in premium WordPress themes and not free ones.

Lack of customer support

Do you think you can get customer support from a place where you get their services for free? It is obvious that customer support is available at its best when you pay for a product/service. Same is the case with WordPress themes. If you are opting for free WordPress themes, you should not be expecting any kind of customer support. Moreover, themes are rarely updated, and even if they are updated for bugs and advanced coding, you will not be notified, thus leaving your website at risk. Customer support and updating are available in premium themes.

No plugin support

Plugins support updated themes. Since free themes are very rarely updated, advanced plugins are not supported. This may lead to poor SEO performance and a bad user experience.

URLs in the footer

In case of free WordPress themes, developers will keep providing their affiliate URLs on your website’s footer, and this will be one of the clauses in the user agreement. So, if you want to opt for such a theme, you will have to agree to it. In case you try to get rid of these URLs, you will be breaching the agreement. And, if you let these URLs stay, it is possible that many of them may redirect to suspicious and malicious sites, thus bringing the possibility of dangerous viruses to your website.

For better results, opt for premium WordPress themes and get in touch with the most proficient WordPress development company, who can help by providing expert WordPress customization services in an SEO-friendly manner to get more targeted traffic on your site and in turn, boost your business profits.


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