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How Important Is ‘Design’ To Achieve Social Media Success?


Social media platforms today have become highly popular among users of all age groups. This is the reason why business owners are spreading across these platforms to get noticed and increase traffic to their site, thus increasing business profits. With so much happening on social media, in order to gain visibility on these platforms, it is the look and appearance of your page that will attract the users. Apart from the content quality you offer, it is the design that also highly impacts the success of a business on social media. This is how.

First look

The first thing that users will notice on your site is the way it looks – the first impression that you can make on the user’s mind. It is only the first few seconds that will have the user to decide whether he wants to stay on the site or leave the page right away. So, it is very crucial to create a positive impression in the first few seconds of the user’s arrival on your site. You can create this by using the perfect colour scheme and appropriate and high quality images.

Content layout

The way you put up content is of great emphasis. Just like users decide to stay on or leave a page in the first few seconds based on how the design looks. They also decide whether they want to read the entire content or not based on how appealing the content is to their eyes. In order to make it pleasing, don’t opt for long-form content. Cut the content into small paragraphs, have enough of white space between the content, highlight important words or phrases and provide bulleted lists wherever appropriate.

Buttons and widgets

Social media is a great place for having users to share your page with others on their list. Place buttons and widgets on your site to encourage users to share and vote. The higher number of shares you get, the more visibility you will gain. If you are looking to gain subscribers through social media marketing, provide subscription offers in a way that they are clear and easily noticeable.

Page loading time

Users today have no patience at all. They want everything to be lightning fast. This is the case with website loading too. Users want websites to load in a flash. If they don’t get it on one page, they quickly move to the next because they have hundreds of options available. So, it is very important to ensure that your page does not have a very slow loading time. For this, you need to keep your pages as light as possible.


You should have effective navigation on your page so that users who go through the content are led to other pages of your site too. You can do this by providing navigation menus to let users know about what other content is present on your site. Another great way is to include internal links within the body of the content. When users are reading a piece of content, they can directly check other posts that have related information.


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