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Three Innovative Ways To Optimize Your Content Strategy For Generating Leads


Digital marketing is no longer restricted to publishing regular blogs and broadcasting them through brand-owned channels. It has evolved far beyond that, and has shifted to more multi-tasking ways, to impress the customers in ways more than one. The content you put up on your website or blogs is not limited to only text anymore; you have many ways to incorporate content, such as graphics, infographics, videos, and animations. Let’s bring forward some content strategies that you must adopt in today’s corporate situation, in order to generate as many leads as possible.

Optimizing for customer journeys

Keywords are a very important aspect of content creation. This has been true for decades, and stands true even today. But, this isn’t enough! Instead of targeting only keywords, you also need to target a customer’s buying journey and experiences through the journey. Behind every search query, there is a particular search intent, that is, what they are expecting when they see search results. Targeting such search intent can prove to be an incredibly powerful statistic, as it allows you to target people who are already in the market for what you are selling. But, another fact is that customer buying journeys are becoming more and more complicated and unpredictable. And for this, you need to adopt an even more robust approach. Hence, for every content you wish to create, you need to identify the keywords your target reader is likely to type into the search box when looking for something your content is answering or solving, and also understand what may have brought the visitors there to search for those specific queries. Once identified, you can then create content that serves these purposes in the best possible manner. Provide directions that can match all possible scenarios that may have brought the visitors to your site. This is how you can create the most useful and engaging content, by giving your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

Hooking up opt-in forms to a customer relationship management platform

Opt-in forms are being used to get lurkers to subscribe to an email list for businesses to be able to build some type of relationships with them, and probably convert them into buyers later. Obviously, people are less willing to give away their email addresses, so as to not clutter up their inboxes with marketing emails. So, along with this, you can try out other ways too for your lead nurturing process. For instance, you can hook up your opt-in forms to a customer relationship management platform, which can help organize your contacts and develop a more comprehensive strategy of reaching out to them. You can also use social media, like Facebook retargeting, to reach out to your content readers with personalized ads through the platform. This method will also allow you to get in touch with those people who did not subscribe to your list through opt-in forms. Such methods can help with multiple cross-channel marketing opportunities to capture your content readers’ attention across the Web.

Monitoring and re-evaluating your conversion funnel

Changing the way you evaluate your content effectiveness is a must, if you want to better understand the content that best matches customer journeys. Google Analytics is the best tool that can help you with this. Another option is Finteza, which can help you to clearly see the pages that funnel Web users into becoming leads and buyers. To create a funnel, you need to simple select the content URL and the desired actions you’d like your content readers to perform, such as filling forms, subscribing, clicking, etc. Finteza can show you how many users proceed to interact with your site the way you have wished to. You can slice your data into more detailed information so as to develop customer personas and adjust your page element to engage users better. You can also include this evaluation into your monthly website audit routine to ensure that it is performed on a regular basis. This way, your content and SEO strategies can be more integrated and effective.

There is no shortage of engagement tools that can help diversify your content strategies; all you need is to use them right. A content marketing strategy is ever-evolving, to take advantage of which you can always hire a professional to help you with all kinds of advancing and evolving content marketing services in India.


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