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Featured Snippets – How To Target Them?


Featured snippets are often confused with answer boxes, but the two are very different. An answer box will provide you with only a simple point-to-point answer, while a featured snippet will give you more detailed information about what you are searching, along with citing a website. Featured snippets have become a popular part of SERPs now with almost 25% of all search result pages including one. This shows that featured snippets are really growing.

What are the various types of featured snippets?

There are 5 general types of featured snippets; namely list, table, paragraph, video, and accordion. Paragraphs forms 50% of featured snippets today, and lists form 37%, making them two most popular types of featured snippets. Then, down the list come tables with 9% of presence, followed by videos and accordions, each comprising only 2% of the total space of featured snippets. But, no matter what the type of featured snippet, half of them come with circular options at the bottom, making it easier and faster for you to search.

The “People Also Ask” Box

Along with the featured snippets, there is another “People Also Ask” box that comes with the search. This is almost present every time (almost 94%), which brings other popular questions asked by people, relevant to what you are searching for. There is a lot of good data that you can get from this box.

What kind of snippets to rank for and how?

What kind of snippets do you want to rank for? Looking for all the information that we have spoken about above is what can help you target your preferred snippets. Explore as much as you can. Find where the snippets are grabbing from the page, what sort of markup are they, and all other that is possible. So now, after understanding what people are searching for, and gathering all the information required, you are now in a better position to understand what you can specifically do to potentially win a featured snippet. And, to help you, here are some further tips to help you.

Identify the featured snippet keywords you rank on page one for

Which featured snippet keywords does your site already rank for? Filter them out by ranking or by range, from 1 to 10. Now, which are the keywords you currently rank 1 to 10 on? Add those keywords to the list. Now, this is where your opportunities are.

Understand your searchers’ intent

If any of your keywords has more of image or video results, you need to provide such content too in order to compete with intent like that. Thus, you need to craft your content to rank in search results as well as featured snippets; and this can be done only after understanding your searchers’ intent.

Provide concise answers and content

You need to be very specific with the content and answers you provide. Avoid unnecessary words. People are now looking for informative, but short, brief, and up-to-the-point answers. Google also loves such short and precise answers.

Monitor featured snippet targets

Now, you need to monitor those featured snippet targets, no matter whether you are planning to target them, or already have them. Monitoring will help you understand and work better.

Want more tips and tricks? Then, the best way is to hire professional digital marketing services in India, which can help you in every way to rank in the best way possible both on Google SERPs and featured snippets.


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