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eCommerce – Design & Development Trends For 2021


While the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a disaster for almost every business across the world, it has boosted one particular industry – the eCommerce trade. The Coronavirus pandemic made one of the biggest impacts on eCommerce when there were country-wide lockdowns, and physical businesses got shut down for months together. Then, even as businesses started to slowly open up, people still opted for online shopping as it was both safe and convenient, done indoors, without coming in contact with other people. And by now, people have become more comfortable with the idea of online purchasing.

So, whether you are an eCommerce business that has set up during the pandemic, or one that has existed even before it, business today should be good for you. However, if it isn’t, you should clearly understand that there is something wrong with the way you are doing it. Remember, eCommerce is not simply about creating a website, putting up all the products you have, and selling them off. There is a lot that goes into building and maintaining an eCommerce store. You need to keep up with minute-to-minute updates on the latest trends of eCommerce, if you want to ace the game. Let’s help you know, in this blog, a few trends that you need to keep up with in the year 2021.

Voice Search

With Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri becoming so popular, people are speaking more and typing less. And, speaking out is a lot different than when you type in something. The same query you have is typed and spoken about differently. eCommerce also has to keep this in mind, and adapt to how people with search for products when they use Voice Search.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world of business completely. Depending on Artificial Intelligence to carry out tasks and identify market patterns based on their browser history can help witness a significant boost in sales revenue after implementation.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help manage marketing processes, while automatically running campaigns across multiple channels. Combining eCommerce and marketing automation can bring about top-quality shopping experience for the users, with an added ability to create marketing campaigns, specifically tailored to cater to your audience effectively. But remember, marketing automation is not restricted to only automating email marketing and scheduling social media posts; it goes way beyond to provide easy-to-access shopping carts and customized landing pages, to ensure a comfortable and satisfactory customer experience.

Social Payments

When shopping online, people want easy and flexible payment options too. Social payment is the latest option given to customers to help them have a seamless online shopping experience. Users are now able to pay for their purchases using any social media platform of their choice.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables providing customers with a view of the product brought into their lives, to help them have a full real-life experience of the product before making a purchase. This is a relatively new option not yet offered by many eCommerce websites, but it’ll certainly change the way customers shop online!

Enhanced Shipping Options

People are getting less patient, or may want something delivered to them almost instantly. Last minute shopping experiences are becoming more common in the busy life we live in today. This brought forward the concepts of Next Day Deliveries and Same Day Deliveries. But even further, Amazon has tested drone deliveries in the USA, being integrated with Google Maps, to be able to find the shortest route to the destination. Although this is also a relatively new option, not adopted yet in India, you never know when it strikes! After all, it sure is a major hit in USA.

With the world changing rapidly, with each passing day, it is absolutely crucial to embrace the change that suits our needs the best. So, if you are a business in the ever-evolving eCommerce industry, it is essential for retailers in the industry to take extra care to keep up with the latest trends, as this is what can make or break your brand for good. However, if you think it is too challenging for you to keep up with the trends, you could leave this in the hands of professionals who can help you adapt to the latest trends at all times with their expert eCommerce Web design services in India, that can ensure you’re always ahead of the game!


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