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5 Easy Tips To Get Backlinks


Link building is never going to end; it was important in the past, and is equally important now too. To take advantage of this element, it is crucial that you generate quality backlinks. But, how do you get the opportunities to bring out link opportunities? While there are a large number of link building tactics, today, in this blog, we’ll help you know of some of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website.

Redirecting your 404 pages with backlinks

Take a look at all your pages that have backlinks, and change that to 400s and 404s. Also, find out the pages that have backlinks, but are no longer there. So, all you will have to do is simply 301 redirect those old broken pages to new relevant pages. So, this is completely within your control, with no outreach required.

Websites that are listing your competitors, but not you

Look for websites that list your competitors, but don’t list your website. These could be opportunities too. You can find these opportunities by typing in your competitors names within quotes in Google search, and then minus your company or the website you’re working on. So, you’ll be finding websites that are in the same vein, but aren’t linking to you, proving that they’re great opportunities for a backlink.

Unlinked mentions

Do a search for things like brands, products, and names within quotes on Google, and look at the first few pages of results. Check for the results that are linking back to your site; and the ones that are not, are your opportunities. Send an email to those websites asking for them to provide a link back to your site with your mention.

Unlinked images

If you are working with a website that has a lot of proprietary images, graphic designs, or infographics that are special to your brand or domain, you can use Google reverse image search and put in the images that you think might have been taken or used on other websites. From the list of websites, you can identify those do not link back to your site; and then, you can send them and email to ask them for a link back to your site.

Identify recently lost links

If you’re engaged with a website that has recently changed things around on the page, whether by accident or on purpose, you are more likely to reclaim your lost links. However, you must really understand why. Is it because the website has gone through a redesign, or is it because it has gotten rid of some pages. Or, is it because a competitor came in and provided a better resource than what you had been offering.

Last but not the least, you must build relationships. Develop real genuine relationships with individuals that work in your industry. You can give off ideas to them, or receive help with different things from them. This support for one another can go a long way. And, just like building relationships, you can also partner with expert providers of SEO services in India to help you with all kinds of SEO tactics, other than backlinking.


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