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The New Bot Traffic Update By Google For App + Web Properties


Do you have regular Web properties or App + Web properties in Google Analytics? If you do have the latter, here is a big news for you! In an update from Google Analytics, it has been stated that Google will now automatically exclude bot traffic from App + Web properties. Thus, bot and spider traffic will now be automatically filtered out of reports for App + Web properties. This will ensure that Analytics data will not include events from known bots or spiders.

Why has Google taken this step?

We don’t know why Google has suddenly decided to abolish bot traffic from App + Web properties, but what we know is that this automatic filtering is now enables by default, and cannot be turned off. However, Google also informs that website owners will not be able to see how much bot traffic has been excluded; and the reason behind this is also not known. This step by Google of filtering out bot traffic with no choice left for site owners to opt out is a notable contrast to how bot filtering is handled for other Google Analytics properties.

Bot filtering for regular Web properties, and App + Web properties

Bot filtering for regular Web properties is a setting that website owners can turn on manually, and also have the flexibility to filter it just like they wish to. In addition, site owners can also set up separate views in Google Analytics to compare their data with and without bot traffic. But, with App + Web properties, this is not the case. App + Web properties  are fairly new, introduced just a few months back, designed specifically for websites that also have mobile apps. They are thus designed to track user journeys across both platforms. Website owners having App + Web properties can measure data across their app and website in a single place. App + Web properties can support up to 50 data streams across apps, websites, and web apps in a single property. This data can hence be used to see how many users started on your app, and then visited your website to make a purchase. In this way, website owners can also compare how users engage with their app as compared to their website.

Depending upon the number of streams of data that have been connected to a single property, the difference in traffic without bots can be substantial. How Google identifies bot traffic is by using a combination of internal search and the International Spiders and Bots list, which is maintained by the Intractive Advertising Bureau. So, if you do have an App + Web property in your Google Analytics account, you need to take note of this significant switch. So, be ready for this change; and make sure you keep this is mind as you analyze your data month over month. And, for further assistance, you can always get in touch with a professional SEO company in India, to help you adjust with this new change.


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