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Higher Search Engine Ranking With Quality Link Building Strategies

Why Link building is one of the most important SEO factors in achieving higher rankings within search engines?

In order for your site to rank well and achieve visitors from its natural ranking potential, it is critically important that your site attracts relevant inbound links from other sites that can drive targeted traffic to your site, increase sales and help your business achieve its goals. Every inbound link you have coming to your site has a different level of trust and respect from Google. If Google finds that a site that links to you is reputable, then the link is valued more highly. If the link is from a low quality, or spammy source, then the link will be devalued, or carry no weight at all. If Google wants to know if your content is any good, it will listen more closely to sites that it trusts.

Factors That Really Matter For Link Building:

Some argue that so-called SEO Experts worth having any kind of links. However, given the fact that websites and web pages do not have the same ‘weight’ or ranking, one should be clear that getting the links that have authority over a relevant topic will have a far greater impact on your web pages over links with little or, worse yet, no authority or relevance. In short, the nofollow tag allows a link to be added to a page as a clickable link to another page without going through any approval or ranking. This tag is used for advertising or sponsored links, or in blog comments where they can send traffic to another page without going through ranking.

Links from sites that are relevant to your industry, for example, will be more valuable than more generic sites.  Links can also lose value over time, as the search engines decide that it may not be as relevant anymore, even links from social networks can impact your website. The one thing that doesn’t change, though, is the value of high-quality content and relevant inbound links from authoritative sites. It’s worth taking the time to create the content that attracts links while seeking out high-value link opportunities.

Generally, the higher the page rank of a page, the more valuable any links on that page will be. It should also be noted that even a site with a home page that has high page rank may have interior pages with much lower (even 0) page rank. Page rank is assigned for the page, not for the site, so when a page is added, it has a page rank of 0, and that rank may or may not ever increase.

The best practice for SEO Link Building is to obtain a mixture of regular and “no-follow” links because this combination of link growth looks more organic and natural. A page without any “no-follow” links pointing to it looks suspicious and may appear to be “gaming” the system. This could result in unwanted attention from the Google computers or even a manual review of your site to insure compliance with the Google webmaster guidelines.

Quick Tips For Link Building Strategies:

  • Google has mainly been focused on finding websites that are doing so by buying links or obtaining them through other unnatural methods like excessive blog commenting or creating poor quality content. If you are doing any sort of link building for your business, think about whether the links you have created are acceptable. If the answer is “no” then move on!
  • Quality content is king in the online marketing world! Create interesting videos, user generated content, and infographics.
  • Guest posting can be a great way to reach out to a new market, build relationships, and establish a name for yourself and your business.
  • Social media has become a very effective and powerful tool in online marketing. Posts on Facebook and Twitter have the potential to reach a large audience and generate traffic in a very short amount of time provided, if you have managed to build a large backing of followers.
  •  Keep watch on the anchor text distribution of your profile, anchor text profile need to have a good balance of commercial keywords and navigational keywords.


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