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Save Your Business Cost and Time With Content Management System

Earlier website creation and maintenance required significant technical skills (HTML, Programming). As the web became more popular and the demand increased for more content and more frequent updates a new generation of website appeared. This new generation of websites had a new layer of software called a CMS (Content Management System).

Static website has the information hard coded, so if one need to modify the static website you will have to modify the actual content on the web page and publish it again to the web server using some sort of ftp software, which requires some sort of technical knowledge and hence it is not possible for every website owner to do so.  CMS websites are easy to update and it is a password protected which can be accessed only by authorized users, thus ensuring that the website content can be modified only by authorized personnel.

Who Needs CMS?

Nowadays, virtually all sites ranging from ecommerce sites, blog sites, social networking sites and normal websites require CMS.

Freshness of content:

Increasingly websites are seen having updated content which creates good impression for users. Apart from the website information pages, a company may wish to update their website on a regular basis by publishing company news, press releases, events that happen in the company.

Site Search:

Almost all CMS websites have search functionality inbuilt which enables the user to search and pin point the information he or she is looking for. Without having this functionality it may become meaningless to have such huge sites.

Accessing and Updating:

Any computing device connected to the internet would be good enough for the job. Simply log in to the Administrator area and you are ready to add or edit the website as required.


All the content in CMS has to be stored only once, which can be reused multiple times, giving flexibility of usage. Additionally, CMS keeps track of content reuse and relevant updates to the content if any, thus, keeping the content updated and accurate.

Easily Avail Plugins and Widgets:

Thousands of free and paid plugins available for almost any job or feature you can think of.

SEO Benefits:

Freshness of content is one important factor that search engines give preference and usage of social media plugins help in weaving a community around your blog. URL rewriting can be implemented easily which produces clean urls without parameters which further help in seo. There are plugins available that specifically help with website seo.


Sophisticated Content Management Systems can learn user behavior and preferences, making your cross-selling and up-selling efforts much more cost effective.

Improve Customer Service:

FAQs, help sections and support forms are essential in keeping your customers happy, and any good CMS will allow your business to easily maintain those support channels.

Mobile Optimization:

Advanced CMSs offer mobile optimization, automatically tailoring presentation and content for different devices.

Using a content management system to power your site could be one of the best investments you make in your website and your business. There are some standard CMS available in the market Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce and Magento are among the popular ones. These generic systems can be integrated with a website. Depending on the nature of website and business requirements a website owner can take help of experienced professionals for developing a customized CMS. This can be developed later or as a part of full website designing.

Jaintechnosoft is a India based Website Design Company, specialized in design and build of mobile-friendly, content-managed sites in Drupal, Magento, WordPress, VirtueMart & Ubercart . Additional services encompass branding, SEO Services & Web Hosting.


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