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Which Is More Important – Web Design Or SEO?

which-is-more-important-web-design-or-seoA business website is considered effective or incompetent depending on two main factors – traffic and website. Designing a great website, building an email list, driving as much traffic as possible and converting them into sales – all of this is very important. If your activities do not result in any one of these outcomes, all that you do is a waste! However, there has always been confusion as to what needs to be more focused upon – SEO functionality or Website design. In this article, we will get into the depths of both SEO and Web design, and help you decide which of the two is more important.

Hiring an appropriate designer will help you build a beautiful looking website. Its aesthetically pleasing look will communicate better with visitors and will convey lots of authority and trust. If you are concerned about how your site is displayed to the visitors, you probably care about your service to them too. So, if you are able to lead your visitors down a natural path through the buying cycle towards making a sale through your design, you are sure to get conversions. Look for a professional company who has been offering the finest services of Web design in India since many years so that you can gain great benefits from them too.

However, designers are very likely to neglect SEO. Generally, the codes that designers create can be complicated for a search engine spider, which can lead to lower rankings and in turn, reduced traffic. Similarly, SEOs tend to ignore the design elements. They focus more on writing codes that can be easily crawled and indexed by search engine spiders, which will help you rank higher and drive in more prospects. So, which option will you choose? Well, you will want to have a site that is SEO optimized and user-friendly as well as one that looks pleasing and is optimized for conversions. Therefore, you need to hire someone who can build your website keeping characteristics of both SEO and Web design in mind.

However, if you have to prioritize one aspect over the other, it is SEO that should come first. This is because a complicated design code is difficult for search engine spiders to understand, which will not have your site being ranked and indexed; having all your efforts put in to be wasted. Even if you have the most beautifully designed website, it is of no use. However, if you compromise a bit on the design and have an SEO-optimized site, you will have visitors coming to your site. You can then come up with strategies to help these visitors convert.

Although SEO has a hint of higher priority than design, none of the two should be ignored. Obviously, it is difficult to find someone who can help you with both SEO and Web design. Most designers are not well-versed with both these practices, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Find a company who provides the best SEO services in India, while also understanding the importance of Web design, to provide you with professionals dedicated towards both the fields.


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