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How To Target Individual Users By Customizing Your Website?

how-to-target-individual-users-by-customizing-your-websiteEvery user differs from the other in terms of choices, preferences and interests. To target various user segments, marketers have been providing content and more to aim for people of different ages, genders, economic backgrounds, etc. But, with today’s technology and customization, individualized targeting has become possible where every individual user can be efficiently targeted based on his choices and interests. However, before learning about the techniques and tools that can help, you must first be able to analyze your users on an individual basis.

How to analyze individual user’s interests and preferences?

Previous purchases

Achieving information about previous purchases can provide you with insights on the types of products/services users are interested in. You may have noticed how many eCommerce sites show ‘similar products’ and ‘related searches’ sections at the bottom of every page. You can also install these intuitive sales features on your site to help users feel that your site understand their needs, and cares about them, thus leading to increased sales and greater customer loyalty.

Previous browsing behavior

Just like buying behaviour, even browsing behaviour can provide you with lots of information. What users have clicked on, liked or read on your website earlier can help you know their interests and buying cycles. Crazy Egg and Google Analytics In-Page Analytics can let you know where users are clicking, scrolling and reading. You can also learn about how users arrived at your site and what searches they are making.


Demographics like age, gender, location, profession, marital status, etc. can provide the most basic information about a user. You can gain this information by setting up a two-way conversation with them so that you can casually ask users for the same through conversation or by asking them to fill out a short survey. You can use survey tools like Zoho Survey, Typeform and SurveyMonkey. Other analytics tools like Google Analytics Demographics Report along with Facebook Insights, Demographics Pro and Quantcast can also help. You can also analyze which social media sites are more popular based on age, income and other factors. This will help you decide where you can use a particualr social media campaign.

Psychographic segmentation

To go a little deeper, you must focus on people’s lifestyle, behaviour and beliefs. This information is difficult to attain, but it is the most effective type of information. Selling your products/services on beliefs and lifestyles by appealing to a user’s emotions can be extremely effective. Connect users with your brand through emotions, hobbies, humour and other motivations. This information can be gathered through surveys and keyword searches, and also the way users have behaved with your previous content.

How to customize your website for individual users?

Now that you have all the information needed to target individual users, how do you go about your website’s customization? For any kind of assistance regarding your website’s customization to attract people as well as search engines, you can get in touch with professional companies that are offering the most excellent SEO services in India . However, if you wish to customize your website on your own, here are a few tips to help.

Target landing pages

Create landing pages that appeal to specific keywords and subjects to bring in segmented audiences. Decide on the key messages, subjects and topics that are most relevant to various user types. Then develop short headlines for every topic along with elaborated information that is useful for the readers. Include a call-to-action that ensures users to follow a pattern that you want them to chase.

Individualize updates and notifications

What makes Facebook and Netflix so popular? It is their unique NewsFeed and homepage that is different for every user based on their individual preferences and previous viewing history. You can also follow this trend by installing updates and notifications based on the type of content specific users want to see.

Help users communicate

Add a comments section or any other area that helps users communicate and discuss their ideas. This will help them use your site for social means and will also help them solve their queries and share their beliefs that is not only informative, but informal and friendly too.

Creating such personal and informal relationships with users is absolutely important to make them feel valued. Pay attention to their individual characteristics and grab their attention by following the above mentioned steps.


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