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PHP – The Ease Of Yesterday, The Choice Of Today


Looking to develop a website for your business? When it comes to picking the programming language to use, the choice might be really hard to make, with the plethora of options available in the market. But, PHP should be the choice you should make, whether you’re willing to develop a static website, a dynamic website, or a Web application. That’s because it is not only open source and free, but also one of the most popular languages among Web developers today, thanks to the advanced features it has to offer. Web developers are able to offer high-class dynamic websites with PHP, fitting the personal needs and choices of clients.

The PHP scenario of today

Being one of the oldest programming languages (created in 1994) used by developers across the world, PHP is largely used even today to develop websites. In fact, it has served as the primary component in some of the biggest platforms like WordPress and Drupal. As per a research, more than 88% of websites are built with PHP! You can just imagine the comfort that the scripting language has been offering Web developers to gain such popularity. And, if you’re interested in knowing some of the largest platforms that have used this popular programming language, you’ll be amazed to know that the list includes some rich names like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr!

How PHP has improved with time

In the past, PHP was considered a very easy and light solution because of its easy deployment and prompt development-to-release cycle, which could be made possible by even inexperienced programmers. But, with time, the number and varieties of possibilities scaled dramatically with new PHP versions. For instance, the latest PHP version 8, released on 26 November 2020, brought about major changes after its predecessor PHP 7.0 that released five years earlier. New challenges demand improvements and updates, which moved PHP towards fulfilling more diverse tasks like data gathering, redirection, mobile integration, etc. But, at the same time, PHP is yet user-friendly and cost-effective. Moreover, the light syntax and quick onboarding add to the reason why commercial projects are choosing PHP.

What has made PHP a popular choice among developers?

Let’s get into the details of understanding why and how PHP has become a popular choice over other scripting languages today. With a multitude of platforms offering open source and free services, these two features alone are not enough to prove convincing. There is a lot more that goes into making PHP a popular choice. PHP offers lots of advanced level features that helps build effective dynamic websites effortlessly.

  • PHP is easy to use, giving complete control over the code.
  • PHP is both efficient and cost-effective.
  • PHP is an independent platform.
  • PHP is faster to use and flexible.
  • PHP is completely secure.
  • PHP is server supportive and compatible.
  • PHP is proven and tested to be a trusted platform.

How to have a PHP website built?

You can see how PHP has all the features that are highly recommended for any business website to succeed to the next level. So, if you’re convinced about how PHP can prove to be a reliable, effective, and safe platform to use for your business website, the next step would be to approach a professional PHP expert. You must partner with a skilled and certified PHP website development company in India to help you build the perfect PHP website for your business, completely customized to suit your requirements and choices.


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