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7 Best WordPress Web Development Tools For 2021


WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, which can be clearly proven with the fact that almost 40% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. Evidently, WordPress powers more than one-third of the Web! This makes WordPress’ market share highly dominant – 64% share for content management systems on websites! And, one segment that is highly dependent on WordPress is eCommerce; WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for an eCommerce website.

When you’re willing to have your website built with this highly popular and reliable content management system, you’ll be looking for a website development company in India to help you. But, with WordPress, there may still be incredible resources left unused; and that’s because WordPress website development is all about evolving and stepping up the game. The right development tools can integrate the enhanced performance of your site. Here’s a list of the best tools you can have used for your WordPress website.


MAMP, although traditional and old, is still one of the best tools one can use to have their computer up and running as a local server. With MAMP, it’s easy to run, test, and develop WordPress on both Windows and Mac. No matter what your choice – Apache or Nginx, PHP, Python, Perl, or Ruby – MAMP works well with every kind of Web server, database server, and programming language.


Another web service stack is XAMPP, which is free, easy to install, and easy to use too. Containing PHP, Perl, and MariaDB, XAMPP possesses a cross-platform nature, with installers for every kind of system – Windows, Linux, and macOS. Moreover, it also supports MySQL.


GenerateWP is not a tool, but a collection of Web-based tools that can help generate various types of WordPress code snippets from the input. All kinds of codes can be generated, for standard requirements, such as custom post types, custom taxonomies, shortcodes, and post statuses. Many of the tools are free, while there are others that are “Premium”. At present, there are 15 generators on the site, each one using WP functions, allowing for adding colours, images, padding, etc.


ReactJS is a popular Facebook-designed JavaScript library for building user interfaces and reusable UI components. It powers many modern WordPress elements, and its style of application code can be applied to any program’s interface, which speeds up the development process. Moreover, it is absolutely convenient to break developing applications into several simple parts with ReactJS. ReactJS is fast, easy, compatible with many browsers, automated, and error-free.


Atom is one of the most popular code editors that can be used on a wide range of applications. It offers a variety of options that can be tailored to suit your workflow and projects. There are multiple themes available to choose from, to flatter your preferences. Furthermore, Atom comes with a built-in integration with GitHub, which makes editing texts easy.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text holds great recognition in the list of text editors, with the best and newest features and enhancements seen in Sublime Text 4, including Tab multi-select, refreshed UI, GPU rendering, Apple Silicon, Linux Arm64, Content-aware auto complete, typescript, JSX, TSX, and updated Python API. This tool has a generous free trial period, which gives a great user experience, pleasing visuals, and no-fuss layouts.


Notepad++ is a great text editor and syntax highlighter. The “++” indicates that this tool is a Windows-only code editor, but it supports almost 80 programming languages. It also has many great features like auto-completion functionality, and a function list that allows to immediately view all the functions in a file at a glance.

With the above tools, there is a lot that a website development company in India can perform easily and conveniently for WordPress web development projects, from start to finish.


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