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Mobile-Friendly Websites is What Googles Wants


Mobile internet browsing has become the norm of the day. Even Google prefers websites which are driven towards giving a mobile-friendly experience to users. Therefore it has become very crucial for web designers and SEO experts to come up with an effective mobile-friendly design and marketing strategy.

This has become even more important as recently Google has issued warnings to several webmasters whose website fail to be mobile-friendly. So if your site lacks in this area then there are high chances that your website will be displayed and ranked lower for smartphone users, which surely will hurt your business in a huge manner. This not only shows the importance of mobiles as a means of shopping but also conveys that one has to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market place in order to stay in competition.

In the year 2014 Google came up with “mobile friendly” labels, which it has since kept updating regularly. This shows that Google keeps updating its mobile algorithm to favor sites which are optimized for the mobiles in its search results. Thus it has become critical for website designing and digital marketing companies to make huge investments in mobile-friendly designing and internet marketing plans.

It is a fact that coming up with a responsive mobile-friendly website requires a lot of investment. But another crucial fact is that if there is an algorithm trigger, it surely is going to affect your ranking, visibility, return of investment and ultimately the goodwill of your company. Therefore if Google is updating its mobile algorithm, then digital marketers will have to invest in an effective mobile-friendly strategy.

Here are some tips on how you can gear your web development and digital marketing strategy to make it mobile-friendly:

Come up with a responsive technology framework which provides mobile users better user experience. Also see to it that your website is well consolidated and does not have a separate URL for mobile phones. This is beneficial both from the point of SEO as well as is easy to manage.

Keep the design simple and navigation easy. A simple, clean design will go a long way in giving the users better experience and marketing your company effectively. Easy navigation is another point which needs to be factored in for best results.

Intelligent placement of icons. You surely do not want your mobile site to be cluttered with content which calls for action etc. It is highly advisable that you use the conventional mobile icons instead of long content to give a better experience to your visitors as well as reap better benefits.

Always optimize images for mobile phones. As mobile web is very slow compared to FiOS and cable powered sites, it is all the more essential that you come up with highly optimized images for your mobile websites.

If you are thinking of adding videos, do so but wisely. Videos surely provide flawless mobile experience, but you need to keep in mind that your mobile video player runs at HTML5 so that it is accessible on all kinds of mobile devices.

Mobile friendly behavior has become a very important component for every website. Thus follow the above given tips, and you will find that your website is gaining better visibility and better rankings on Google and other popular search engines.


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