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How Does Google Impact Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites?


Google had announced algorithm updates that would be having an impact on mobile search results for mobile searchers. This would improve rankings for websites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices. Google said that this would be in effect from April 21st.

But, there are some companies that still do not have mobile-friendly sites. Hence, they are facing the Google’s impact because Google had well-in-advance warned that non-mobile-friendly websites will be disappearing from the results page. Google is reportedly adjusting its algorithm to boost the rankings for websites that meet its criteria for mobile optimization.

Since April 21st, Moovweb has tracked 1000 important keywords in a wide range of industries to check how it had affected mobile rankings on Google. It found that 83% of the time, the top results were those of mobile-friendly sites, 81% of the time, the top three results were of mobile-friendly sites and 77% of the results on the first page of Google’s search results were of mobile-friendly sites. However, around 20% of the results were also of those that did not provide a mobile-friendly experience.

Its analysis also showed that the most mobile-friendly websites belonged to the retail category and the least were those of transportation. The retail section showed the highest percentage because almost every user is searching for the products they need on mobile. It is the easiest way to search for anything from anywhere and at any time. Users also find it easy to shop through mobile. There is a large amount of traffic coming in to such websites through mobile phones.

Every different category has been affected differently by this Google algorithm update but, on the whole it has been observed that non-mobile-friendly sites have been continually affected negatively. Therefore, if you do not yet have a mobile-friendly site, you must immediately update yourself to mobile-friendly, if you want to stay in Google’s search results pages. But, this does not mean that you simply create a mobile-friendly website for the sake of it. You need to create a website that complies with Google’s algorithm update and one that also provides an excellent user experience. If you fail to do so, then you might start deteriorating in terms of rankings on SERPs.

There are certain updates that Google has been bringing up where it analyzes your page and if found inappropriate, it kicks your website off its results, and then to get back to the SERPs, you have to wait for the next update from Google. But, in this case, it is not so. Here, you have a benefit of seeing your website on the results page as soon as you make the required changes. The next time Google crawls your pages and finds that you have a mobile-friendly website, it would consider putting you back on its results pages.

So, you must not waste any time and immediately take steps to convert your website to a mobile-friendly one. If you are looking for skilled web developers to create it for you, Jain Technosoft is one that can help you. They have an experience of developing highly optimized responsive websites with reduced loading time and improved rankings in search results. Their expert team of web designers will provide you with a pixel-perfect design that is responsive to Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, laptops as well as desktops.


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