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How To Maximize Foot Traffic Using Google Business Profile?

Maximize Foot Traffic Using Google Business Profile

You are putting in all the possible efforts to improve the SEO for your local business. But, how many of those techniques are leveraging Google Business Profile (GBP) to attract the most possible walk-ins? To get the best out of it, you either need to hire professional digital marketing services in India, or use these simple GBP tips to help your digital traffic to convert into foot traffic.

Bring your products online without traditional eCommerce systems

When you have a great storefront window, you are definitely going to bring in more walk-ins. Similarly, having a “See What’s In Store Inventory” appearing within your Business Profile can let customers know what the exact merchandise is within the store. In this way, you can instantly bring your inventory online, thus grabbing more eyes, without the fuss and costs of traditional eCommerce systems.

Change your working hours

People are generally working 9-5, and you are doing the same. How do you possibly think you are going to grab those 9-5 working people? Instead of keeping your doors open when everyone else is at work too, how about providing them with something extra? Well, you could do a quick audit of the hours posted on the GBPs of your direct competitors; and accordingly, you can switch to a more different and more unique timeline that can bring in more working professionals too. It could be something like a 11-7, or so. In addition, instead of staying closed on Sundays like everyone else, you could opt for staying closed on a weekday instead, bringing more access to people who are generally free and want to search on the weekends when they are free!

Answer all Google Q&A

You may be receiving a lot many questions from enquirers, no matter which segment you belong to. And, you may not be interested in answering those. You may think they are unimportant, or are just a waste of time, or are bringing in wrong assumptions from people who may be otherwise interested in your products. This is where you certainly go wrong! Think of it this way – the answer seekers could be your future leads. Yes, in fact, around 40% of Google Q&A questions are leads! So, look at it positively, and if you have any overlooked leads sitting in your GBPs, make sure to take up the opportunity to answer them at the earliest. This could be your chance to win lots of foot traffic!

Take advantage of major nearby attractions to drive in more customers

Do you have major attractions near your store? Great! Just take advantage of them! Post your proximity to such major attractions. It could be a mall, a theatre, a park, a museum, or anything else. Connecting with them could help bring lots of visitors to these places, right into your store after they finish spending their time there. So, keep your store well-positioned and guide you clients right to your door!

It will definitely take some time and effort to bring these changes, but remember if you implement these small yet significant changes, you will definitely be adding your best GMB moves!


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