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How To Improve Your Link Building Strategy?

How-To-Improve-Your-Link-Building-StrategyLink building was and still is very important to business owners. However, the way it is being used has drastically changed over the years. Earlier, it was possible to gain SEO benefit from any type of link building on your site. But today, you can only benefit from the most genuine ones. Google today emphasizes only on good quality links. Rather than trying to get dozens of links from others, it is advisable to optimize your strategies in order to double or triple your conversion rates. This is where you would need assistance from a reputed SEO company that offers genuine link building services. Here are a few ways in which you can optimize your link building for better conversion rates.

First of all, remember that you must have good quality content that you can promote because without quality content, any number of efforts to promote it would go in vain. Whatever content you have – whether it is blogs, galleries or anything else – you can use it in a link building campaign; only making sure that it is valuable and worthwhile. The more remarkable your content is, the easier it gets to convince others to link to it.

Once you have great content created, you need to start promoting it by contacting people through a number of ways, out of which email outreach is the most common. Let us now understand how you can use emails to the fullest to gain the best quality links to your site.

Keep it short and simple

People today have no time to waste. With well-known bloggers who get hundreds of mails every day, do you think they have the time to go through each and every email that is 1000 words long? Whatever amount of efforts you make for creating the best content, if it is too lengthy to require some time from the bloggers to read, your efforts are definitely going to go down the drain! Make sure that you keep your email as concise as possible. Include only the most important points. Don’t write a mail that is more than 200 words long; maybe a 4-5 sentence mail will do. If you are capable enough to impress the blogger in a short paragraph, you can probably later expand on your mail once he shows interest in you.

Target the right bloggers

Stop sending emails to the wrong people! Be sure to target only those bloggers who are in your niche and understand what you are writing about. They must have content on their site that is relevant to your content. You need a highly targeted list of people who can link to you if you want high conversion rates.

Avoid links

Another most important thing you need to avoid putting in your mails is links. Earlier, when you would send 100 mails asking for a link, you would land up getting 10-20 links. But today, even this small number is almost impossible to achieve. This is because bloggers receive hundreds of similar emails asking for links, which is why they send these mails straightaway to their trash bin out of frustration. So, remember not to make it seem like you have just emailed because you want a link. Don’t include any links in your first mail and make sure your mail has some kind of personalization. This will interest the bloggers considering that the mail is written specifically for them. Once you get a positive response, you can then ask for a link later. Frame your email in terms of benefits to the person you are mailing. After all, your first goal should be building a long-term relationship and not just getting a link. Long-term relationships will automatically bring in lots of links in the future.

Make it easier for the bloggers

If you still want to ask for links, instead of plainly providing your link and asking the bloggers to link to it, you can put the same in a different and much better way. It would be better if you cut down on the work of the blogger to look at your content and then find posts on his site that would be relevant to your content so that he can link to it. What you can do is provide a specific page on the blogger’s site where you think a link to your content would fit perfectly, and write any required text that will help the content still make sense. You can also offer to edit any old post on their site which would include a link or give them future post ideas that they could use, which would naturally include a link to your content.


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