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How To Build An SEO-Friendly Blog Post?


Writing a blog requires a good amount of skill, because your blogs need to be those that are relevant and provide the appropriate kind of information, while also keeping the readers interested. The blogs should be such that the readers are hooked on to them, and always look forward to what more you have to offer. But, to make this possible, there’s a lot of effort that goes in. First, the blog’s content should be informative and appropriate; then, the language should be simple-to-read and enjoyable; and lastly, the structure of the content should be appealing. SEO experts in India say that a good blog is more likely to be shared, which means greater exposure, and thus better rankings. If you’re looking for a highly ranking blog post, here are some tips that can help.

Do a keyword research

Even before you begin writing, there’s one thing you need to do, and that is, keyword research. By doing a keyword research, you can figure out the words and phrases your target audience searches for. Based on this, you can decide on the topic of your post. You must include the keyword or phrase in your content; and also try to include it into the topic of the blog post. However, be sure not to make it look too pushy or forceful.

Do some contemplative thinking

It isn’t a right way to simply sit down to write whatever comes in your mind. There’s no doubt that you may be able to write well, but doing a contemplative thinking before writing can help you write better and more appropriate. Think about the message that you want to convey to your audience. Do you want to answer a query? Do you want to clear a doubt? Do you want to provide information on a topic? Think about what you want to and how you want to put it. One easy way to get an insight into how your content can satisfy your readers is by looking at the search results for the search term you want to rank for.

Plan a structure

Once you’re ready with what you want to write, you need to plan up a structure for your blog post. The structure should include an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Write down the points you want to include in each of these segments. Also, plan up the kind of paragraphs and sub-headings you want to use in your content to make it easy and simple for the readers to read.

Keep your content concise and precise

While writing your content, be sure to make it informative with enough data, but also keep it concise and to the point. Too much of unnecessary data could make the readers uninterested. Summarize your ideas into small pretty sentences.

Don’t overstuff your content with one single keyword

While we said earlier that you must include keywords into your content, remember that using too many such keywords can make your content look spammy. So, instead of using that one keyword in your content again and again, what you can do is use related keywords or synonyms of the keyword in some places. Google also has the capability of recognizing synonyms; so it’s worth it.

Link your content

Linking content is a good idea. You can link your content to any other content or blog post you have written about the topic. This will make your blog posts stronger, while increasing the readers’ time-on-site; thus making a good impression on google. And, such an impression can boost up your ranking too.

Add content regularly

Writing one single content is not enough. You must regularly add new blog posts to your website. This will help Google know that your website is alive, and will also have your readers keep looking out for more from you in the future. And, whenever you write new blog posts, you know that you have to again follow the tips mentioned here.


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