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Is The Homepage More Important, Or The Landing Page?


Should you focus more on your homepage, or on your landing page? If this question is worrying you, we have the answer. You may be wondering how you can attract the audience and bring in sales. At times, you may feel that your homepage makes a big difference. Then, at other times, you may feel that your landing page is what is doing the job.

Is it the landing page that counts or the homepage?

Landing pages have undoubtedly gotten a lot of credit over the past few years. But, in the process, the homepage has been side-lined, which is completely wrong! You need to understand that while a landing page is what has the visitors stay hooked on, it is the homepage that helps in closing the sale. Approach experienced digital marketing experts in India, and they’ll help you know how even the best landing page needs a great homepage standing next to it! And, this is because landing pages and homepages have two different goals – while the landing page is designed for action, a homepage is built to clarify the benefit of a business and establish trust with the visitors by telling them all about the business and its products/services.

Designing the best homepage

Now that it’s clear why a homepage is important, let’s help you know how you can design it effectively.

Spreading awareness – One of the most important things your homepage needs to do is to spread awareness. What we mean to say is that your homepage should be able to solve the problems, queries, or doubts of your target audience. And for this, you need to make your target audience aware of the problems they are facing, helping them to evaluate the right solution to it, and finally giving them your own product/service to help solve that very query or problem. This way, you are spreading awareness of your product/service, and what it is capable of doing.

The 7 second importance – While you focus on fulfilling the goal of your homepage, you must also be aware that you need to be able to do so in not more than 7 seconds. Yes, that’s the average attention span of a visitor – only 7 seconds! A visitor decides whether or not he wants to go further down or deep into your website in only the first few seconds that he lands on your site. And, by the first few seconds, we mean only the first 5 to 7 seconds that he has stepped onto your site! So, you need to make the most of that, and design your homepage in a way that a visitor can understand the basics about what your business is and what you have to offer in only a few seconds. Being able to attract your visitors’ attention in that much time can help you take them further into moving towards sales.

Critical homepage elements – In order to be able to attract visitor attention in the 7 seconds that we mentioned above, there are a few crucial elements that you’ll need to focus on. These crucial elements include your logo, headline, sub-headlines, supporting images, company info, contact information, testimonials, and call-to-action buttons.

Use these guidelines and start building your homepage so as to get more conversions out of them. And for further assistance, you can always ask digital marketing experts in India to help you with added advice and the right guidelines.


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