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Writing Content To Please Both Google And The Visitors


Content is one of the most important things that decides upon how your website is going to rank. And, this decision is made by a combination of how both robots and humans judge you. What we mean is that only if both Google and your visitors are satisfied with your content can you rank high. Hence, it is a must for you to optimize your content in a way that both Google and the visitors can understand and appreciate. While you, as a human, may calculate how your visitors will want to see your content, the difficult part is understanding how Google reviews it. So, how do you go about it then? Well, this blog is just the right place for you to understand how you can do that. With the help of knowledge about how Google uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand content, you will be in a better position to optimize what you write for the search engine too. So, here’s explaining to you the same.

Understanding the relationship between your words and the visitors’ contemplations

Google spends a lot of time and effort on NLP to understand what any content has to say. This includes both what visitors type while searching, and what you, as a website, are offering. In this way, Google spends a lot of time understanding the relationships between the words and how people use words to search. Not everyone will type the same word for a single query. Every individual has a different way to ask, with different words to use. But, it is Google who tries to identify what the person typing may actually be looking for; connect the search to a website that could be possibly answering the question; and then show the user the page.

Understanding salience

Google is great at extracting entities like people, places, things, numbers, and other nouns, from a piece of content. Salience is what can help Google identify how these entities in a piece of content are related to one another. Google does so to understand what exactly the page is about, and whether it is a good example of the topic that it is speaking about. There are certain vague pages which can only make the visitors annoyed; and this is what Google is trying to eliminate. Thus, salience is the future of related keywords. One needs to be specific and perfect about what they are writing if they want to please Google.

How to write for both human and machine readability?

Now that you know how Google analyzes a piece of content, you know that first of all, you have to use the right words, and secondly, you have to write the content only that is related to what you are promising to offer. And, here are a few tips on how you can do so such that your content is perfect both human and machine readability.

Write short and simple sentences – Make your content simple and up to the point, rather than going for too much of jargon or flowery language.

Have only one idea per sentence – Each sentence should contain only one idea. Don’t make it too mix and messy, or your visitors or the search engine may get confused.

Closely connect questions to answers – When there are two important words that are related to each other, place them closer in the sentence. Avoid all the clutter and reduce the fluff. Keep it connected between the words, and also between the topic and your content.

Be precise – You need to give Google and your visitors specific answers to what they are asking. If there is an answer that alters with each individual’s settings, you can let them know first about the basic answer, and then get into the details about the ifs and buts.

Keep your content organized – Think about the information someone might need, and the order in which they might need it. Organize your content in such a way by breaking out the content into subtopics and headings, to make it easier, clearer, and skimmable. You may also use bullets or numbers if you have any lists.

Be careful with your spelling, grammar, and punctuation – This should go without saying, but we will still say it for those who don’t pay attention to it. You need the right spellings of your words, the right grammar, and the right punctuation.

With all these simple tips, you can easily have a readable, understandable, and parsable piece of content. And for more tips, you can always hire a professional SEO agency in India to help you.


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