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Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media


Social media, undoubtedly, is one of the most powerful tools to increase traffic to your website. In fact, we are sure that most of the websites regularly post updates on all the major social media platforms. Yet time and again we get several queries saying social media is not bringing enough traffic to the websites.

In this blog, we will discuss how social media marketing can be used in the best possible way to bring better traffic and leads to your business. We begin this discussion one of the most important topics:

How to avoid being a Spammer?

It is usually thought that sharing the same content again and again will garner some extra clicks. No doubt you surely get a few extra clicks and likes, but a major problem which takes place is that people eventually ignore you posts and tweets and thus your content is sidelined as spam. In order to avoid this you must always keep the profile of your followers in mind before sharing/ tweeting anything. At the end your social feed is for your followers rather than for you. Also always share content which will provide value to your followers.

Never share the same message twice

This is very important if you do not want to turn into a spammer. Usually when we share something on social media we include the title of the post, few hashtags and a link. But you should not repeat this same process repeatedly. Rather you can add some variety by raising questions or just pull quotes from the post itself. This way you can gradually build your brand without irritating your followers.

Optimize the content for each platform

Each social network handles images and texts in a different manner. Therefore it is important that you keep this fact in your mind whenever you create social messages. In fact you can take advantage of each network and add some variety and value to your posts. For example on Twitter and Facebook, posts having images are usually more noticeable than posts that do not bear images. Thus by just adding an appropriate image, you can not only get very easily noticed but can also gain some extra clicks. Thus optimizing the content as per the social media platform is one of the best social media marketing strategies.

Content shared more than once can also go viral

Though it is true that one must not share the same content again and again, but if you follow some smart internet marketing strategy, then there are chances of your content going viral. For e.g. you can repost the same content, at a gap of 30 days or so. This way not only do you stand a chance of getting more traffic but you may strike the right chord and the content may go viral. When you do this, always keep in mind that there is a right way as well as a wrong way to get a work done. Choose your path wisely, you of course do not want to turn into a spammer.

The above given points when followed diligently will not only double your website traffic, but will also help you in the branding process.


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