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How Can You Identify Featured Snippet Opportunities By Using STAT?


Featured snippets help earn increased traffic to the page, and who doesn’t want that? So, let’s help you find out how you can achieve the win too, with the help of STAT, a ranking tool used to pull big data. Here are five easy steps.

Step 1 – Uploading to and filtering keywords in STAT

When you want to find keywords that you rank on page one for that also have a featured snippet, STAT’s keywords tab can help start with this. All you need to do is upload a bunch of keywords, and give some time for the data to gather, which will help you identify the keywords that trigger answer boxes, and what opportunities there are. There’s a table of keywords that you can filter to show earned SERP features and answers, as well as answer subtypes too. You can also filter the “Rank” column to show results ranking between 1 and 10, after which you collect them all together, by putting them into a dynamic tag.

Step 2 – Creating a dynamic tag

By putting the keywords into a dynamic tag, you can group and label them. Acting like a smart playlist, these fancy segments automatically populate each day with keywords that match the specific criteria you set for them, making it both easy and quick to see those keywords that are featured snippet opportunities.

Step 3 – Checking the data set regularly

Using the nifty graph in the STAT’s SERP Features tab can help you see how answer boxes appear if your keywords have changed over time. Using this data, you can start pulling out data and dig into things like featured snippet type, average monthly search volume, and current featured snippet URLs. In this way, you can investigate the long-tail keywords that you can potentially optimize your website for.

Step 4 – Setting up reports

The People Also Ask report shows the questions and their rank within the box, as well as the URL sourced in each answer. Then, the Related Searches report shows the related search queries offered by Google that users may be searching. Using these two metrics, you can identify the long-tail keywords that you want to track and keep a eye on, and copy-paste them into Google Keyword Planner, or back into STAT.

Step 5 – Monitoring

It is important to monitor your activities, for which you can set up alerts. STAT lets you set them up so that you can be notified whenever your ranking goes up or down for your featured snipper target keywords. You will thus not miss seeing any featured snippet opportunity. But, only identifying the opportunity is not enough. You should also be able to understand how to take maximum advantage out of the opportunity and how to make use of it. And for this, you can always take professional help from experts offering digital marketing services in India, who can help you in every way to market your business online by taking advantage of every kind of possible opportunity.


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