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Guidelines To Target Featured Snippet Opportunities


A featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s query displayed at the top of Google’s search results. It includes the page’s title and URL, and its content is extracted from the Web page. However, you will see these featured snippets for all sorts of things, which is why you need to keep an open eye if you want to target the opportunities of featured snippets. Let us focus on finding keywords having featured snippets now to rank on page one. There are various ways to do so, the most basic procedure being identification, understanding, and targeting.


First and foremost, you need to identify the opportunities. You will have to find keywords that bring you to page one that also have the featured snippet. For this, you will generally consider competitive search volume against qualified traffic; focusing more towards search volume. However, it is recommended that you reconsider and evaluate where the qualified traffic might come from.


After evaluating where the traffic might come from, you need to understand the intent perfectly before proceeding to target the featured snippets.


Now let us see how you can target keywords that have featured snippets. Here are a few ways to do so.

  • You need to clean up your pages and simplify them so that your pages can shine against your competitors’ pages. After all, Google has always wanted to provide a simple and cohesive answer to searchers in an instant. So, you need to make every possible effort to transform your content in a way that is easy to consume by searchers.
  • You must fix broken links and get rid of older outdated content.
  • You must also fix all your grammatical errors and spacing issues. These tiny little things may also cause a mess.
  • Provide something unique that digs deeper and offers value.
  • Offer summaries at the top or bottom of your pages, as they prove to be very effective.
  • You can try targeting a list with Roman numerals; although odd, but it may help!
  • If you see a current featured snippet that is marked in a particular way, you can opt for competitive markup to be a little more competitive.
  • You must delete any extra markup like any additional breaks. Any extra emoty header markups must also be deleted. Such little things can also break up your opportunity.

Remember, a beautifully written and perfectly optimized page does not mean all is done. In spite of all this that makes the page good enough for a featured snippet, it may not show up in Google SERPs. This is where you need to look for backlinks linking back to your page to grab attention and value. These are just some things that may help. But, for better results, you must hire professional and expert SEO services in India who have all the expertise to help you stand out from the rest, bring you to the number one position, and also grab the featured snippet opportunity.


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