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Do Not Commit These Deadly Google Ads Mistakes!


We are always aiming to gain the maximum benefit from our marketing efforts; and the best way to do so is by using Google Ads pay per click ads, which can help drive targeted traffic to your landing pages. More clicks means more visitors; more visitors means more leads; more leads means more customers; and more customers means more business. However, this is possible only if you do things the right way, by avoiding every kind of possible mistake. So, here are the most common mistakes that you must avoid if you want more business.

Mistake 1 – Not using the right keyword matches

We all know how much keywords are important. And, when we speak of keywords, we also want to choose the right keyword matches – broad match, phrase match, or exact match. You need to know which one to use from the three. Broad match keywords have a lot of potential as your ads will show regardless of what the prospect intends to do. Phrase match keywords should be used when there is a specific phrase of keywords that you are sure will be put in. Similarly, exact match keywords mean the one exact keyword that you want your ad to be published for. Comparing all the three, it is exact match keywords that converts the best, but the number of average monthly keyword searches is greatly reduced. So, each type has its own pros and cons, and you need to identify what you particularly want.

Mistake 2 – Not using negative keywords

Negative keywords can help exclude search terms from your campaigns that are not needed by you; thus helping you focus on only the keywords that matter to your customers, resulting in better targeting, which brings a better return on investment. Ignoring negative keywords is one of the most common mistakes being made. Make sure you don’t do it too.

Mistake 3 – Not bidding on your own brand keywords

You MUST bid on your own brand name keywords to increase conversions. When you are bidding on your own brand, you are promoting your business and reaching out to a wide array of social media fans and customers. Imagine the amount of traffic and conversions you can achieve!

Mistake 4 – No ad extensions

Writing a compelling ad is extremely difficult. Your ad should be such that it has all the important information in the most interesting manner that compels the users to click onto it. Ad extensions can help here. With ad extensions, you can use sitelinks, location extensions, and call extensions to enhance your ad, thus giving customers more reasons to click your ads.

Mistake 5 – Not understanding conversions

Do you need boosted revenue, or only a short-term profit? If you need the former, you need to be able to track both your profit margins and the conversions. Understand how much you are expected to make, and what conversion rate will get you there. And for this, you need to have an estimated profit margin so that you can set up a successful Google Ads campaign.

Mistake 6 – Not knowing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

You must know the lifetime value of your customers; it’s important! You know the amount you are spending on Ads to acquire just one customer! Thus, it is important that you know how much money a customer is expected to generate over the lifetime of their engagement with your brand. CLV and ROI are dependent on each other to grow your revenue, and thus you business.

So there! You have a list of the 6 most common mistakes made while using Google Ads. Make sure that you don’t do any of these, or you will be in for a toss! To be on the better side, you must have Google Ads Management Services in India hired to help manage your Google Ads problems, and help your business grow better.


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