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7 Misconceptions About SEO Rankings


SEO rankings are very important for all the businessmen out there who run their businesses online. In order to improve their rankings, there are lots of things they keep experimenting with. But, there are also lots of SEO misconceptions that seem to be stuck up in the minds of the people. Here are a few of them.

Putting text behind an image

In order to balance between page content and revenue, the content is simply put behind the image to solve both the problems. In this case, it is advisable to place text below the fold for the users who want information and to keep the current image for returning users. In this way, the page content that the user needs and the profits, both are balanced.

Copying a competitor’s actions

It is a misconception in the minds of people that if a competitor is doing something, it is definitely good and one must follow it for rising higher. Everybody wants to rise above his competitor in every way. But for this, one shouldn’t make a mistake of doing things without research and planning. Even the competitors are testing new things to achieve higher goals. That does not mean we jump into doing the same thing without thinking whether it is right or wrong to do so. Everybody wants the best results and more customers coming in, apart from maintaining old customers. But, the best way to defeat your competitor is by analyzing the feedback given by customers and clients, and acting accordingly.

More the links, the better

Links are very important for a website but, having more links will not help if they aren’t useful. Links must link to good content, which will increase the number of visitors. If you have a number of links that hardly connect the user to the matter of the site, it is of no use. Focus on a marketing strategy that will not only result in links, but also create new customers. Hence, rather than quantity, work on the quality of links, which will help your website in the long run.

More than one website helps

Businesses had more than one website in earlier times. But, having multiple websites no more brings any added value to your business. In fact, there are disadvantages of having multiple websites for the same business.

  • Having duplicate content on all your sites creates lower rankings for a business.
  • Multiple websites using the same company’s name creates confusion as to which website is genuine and also creates mistrust in the minds of the users.

Thus, having more than one website is not a good idea.

Lots of keywords are important

Writing good quality content is very essential for a website to attract users. Keywords, no doubt, play an important role in bringing in more users to visit the page. But, this is more important for the users rather than the search engines. You must include keywords in such a way that they have the right placement and in the most acceptable places in the article. Do not fill your page with keywords everywhere to make it look important because repetitions of keywords will only make the users lose interest.

Social media helps improve rankings

Social media is a great way to promote your business. But, that does not mean that it increases your ranking. The number of likes, shares, and comments on your blog will definitely spread your content faster amongst the users. But, it is not necessary that it may increase your SEO rank.

SEO is done once and for all

SEO cannot be done only once. If you rank the highest on the search engine today, it does not mean you will continue to do so forever. The internet and market environment is constantly changing. You need to go with the flow and check from time to time where you stand. You need to keep changing your marketing strategies. There is cut-throat competition and competitors are only increasing in number. Hence, it is very important to keep an eye on your SEO status and keep your website updated as per what is going on in the market, in order to maintain your rank.

We sometimes take for granted the information heard or read somewhere and believe it to be true. What may be true today may not stand true tomorrow. Thus, keep yourself updated with the ever-changing SEO concepts, ideas and beliefs and stay away from misleading notions.

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