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Security Issues To Consider In Mobile App Development


Users blindly trust the brands that have been highly renowned in the industry for long. So, when any game, app or software comes up from any such reputable company, they tend to download it plainly without thinking about mobile security or data privacy because they are sure

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Basic Elements To Have Increased User Engagement On Your Website


Do you think you need the best coding and graphics to keep your users on your site? Although it’s good to have such elements on your site but, they are not the only things you need. If user engagement is what you are looking for, even the

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How To Create A Screencast With YouTube?


You know what a screenshot is – generating a picture of a computer or mobile screen. Related to this technology is another one called ‘screencast’, which is a digital recording of a computer screen’s output or video screen capture that contains audio narration too. Screencasts are highly

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Avoiding Common Grammatical Mistakes While Writing Web Content


“Content is king” and “Having good quality content is highly important for SEO” – These are common statements you may have heard before. This is why we focus a lot on writing great content by including the most relevant topics, using interesting language, employing fancy words, etc.

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What Will Be The Latest Navigation Trends For 2016?


As a web designer, it is important that you design a website with an appropriate navigation menu. This is one of the elements that either enhances or weakens the user experience. Your website should not only be visually appealing but also highly functional. Beautiful designing and excellent

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What New Features Does The Latest WordPress 4.4 Include?


In the honour of the jazz legend Clifford Brown, the latest WordPress version – WordPress 4.4 – has been recently released is named as ‘Clifford’. You may download it or update it from an existing installation dashboard. WordPress 4.4 is focused on responsive web designs, and it

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How To Have A Better Mobile Wallet User Experience?


Today, we live in an ocean of technology where the world is becoming a small one with people staying connected 24×7 through chats, photo exchange, video calls and more. Technology has become so advanced today that people can shop for almost anything they require online and get

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Guidelines For An Efficient SEO Strategy For Small Businesses


People generally set up a business on a small scale first. Slowly and gradually they expand their business to a bigger one. But, this only happens when the small scale business sees success. In this competitive world, it is difficult to set up a business and find

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