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Is It Wise To Merge Pages Or Have Multiple Pages On Your Website?


Many websites have multiple pages, while there are others who have only one long master page. So, which one of the two options should you choose for your particular website? This blog will help you understand the pros and cons of both these options, so that you can make a confirmed decision as to whether you must have different pages targeting similar keywords, or to combine multiple pages into one master page with more content.

Considering the online experience for your users

We have seen social media platforms having infinite feeds, which have made users habitual to scrolling. The long scrolling was introduced in 2015-16 to cater to the drastically increasing number of users surfing the internet on their mobile phones. The main purpose behind this launch was that the longer or thinner the device, the longer the content should be, and long scrolling can be utilized to facilitate the usage.

Remember that majority of internet users are surfing on their mobile phones. However, desktops remain equally used. So, you need to concentrate on both these types of devices. However, if you want to find out how many of your users view your site on a mobile device, you can find the information through Google Analytics, under the Mobile Overview tab. If majority of your users visit your website on their mobile phones, you must consider the fact that having more content that is relevant and useful can encourage your users to stay on that page for longer, thus increasing engagement and conversions.

Considering the quality of content on your website

The Google Panda update that was rolled out in 2011 clearly states that if any page on a website is thin on content, it is less likely to rank well on SERPs. Thin content pages are those that are low in quality and do not provide users with much added value. It could also refer to duplicate content created by using unnatural methods.

So, when you think about the number of pages on your site, check for the amount of content on the main page, the content on your supporting pages, and the ease of finding additional relevant content on another page if the content is spread across numerous pages. If the content can be placed on one single master page and can make sense, it is fair enough, or else it is better to split it up. And, if you are planning on several pages, make sure to optimize it to target more key terms so that it can gain more visibility in SERPs.

Having a single master page –

Merging pages provides better user experience since all the information about a topic is available on one single page, and users don’t have to go searching for it elsewhere on your website. Also, there is only one keyword to target, making it easier in terms of SEO, rather than having multiple terms competing against one another. Moreover, with consolidated pages, page rank and external link equity are combined.

Having multiple pages –

With multiple pages, you can target as many individual keywords as you want. Also, a single master page may have too much content, which may cause page loading or speed issues, which is unlikely when you have multiple shorter pages. Moreover, if the page is too long, website users may not scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

So, to sum it up, we can say that if you provide users with all the relevant information on a single page, you can probably rank better, than if you have multiple pages targeting a single topic. But, having multiple pages can help you target as many keywords as you want, and can rank well for each one of them. So now, the choice is yours. But whatever choice you make, remember that a complete SEO strategy is required to take complete advantage of single/multiple pages. And for this, you must hire professional SEO services in India to help you.


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