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Which Is Better – Magento Community Or Magento Enterprise Edition?


Magento has two editions: Magento Community, which is free and Magento Enterprise, which is the paid version. It is difficult to decide which version is better than the other since there are pros and cons of both. It is very essential to pick up the correct edition for your business that fulfills your goals.

Magento Community – The free version

The most beneficial aspect of this version is that it can be easily downloaded for free with no annual license fee required. You only have to pay for the web hosting, domain name and the web developer to create your ecommerce website.

Magento Community’s ‘Catalog Management’ assists in performing inventory management for products on your website. With this feature, you can manage inventory and get alerts for low inventory. You can sort products by brand and prices, and you can also sort customers into groups by defining their attributes. Catalog Management allows you to edit or delete product tags and reviews. It also helps in automatic watermarking and resizing images.

Magento Community also has a theme that works well with mobile platforms. Hence, it also drives traffic to your website through mobile phones. This edition has a ‘Multiple Store’ feature that helps the owners to have multiple stores with a single system. It also features ‘Multiple Store Views’ that gives users an option to see the website in different languages. The owners can set up various discounts on their websites to attract users by using this edition.

Magento Enterprise – The paid version

If you have a large and growing online business, Magento Enterprise brings you additional features to help in maintaining your website better by handling large catalogs of products together and by separating different parts of the website on to different servers.

Its ‘Full page caching’ helps to easily create static HTML based snapshots for each page on the website and reduces the loading time of product pages. This gives better logging in and website access to the users and increases conversion rates and hence revenues. This paid version offers customers with reward sales and store credits that increases a bond with the customers and makes them loyal towards the site.

Magento Enterprise can also target specific groups of customers by placing them into different segments based on different criteria. Its ‘Solr Search’ feature includes auto suggestions, spell check and other advanced search technologies. This makes it easy for users to search what they are looking for easily and quickly.

Magento Enterprise gives you the opportunity of rolling back to an earlier version of your website and also restoring earlier database backups. It improves tax calculation systems that help in creating and managing tax rates and rules. It offers a secured payment bridge, which is agreeable with the PCI security standard council.

Now that you have read about the advantages that both the editions provide, it is you who must decide which a better version that suits your business needs and satisfies your goals. Jain Technosoft provides excellent Magento website designing service, to help you customize your online store to suit your business needs using powerful Magento tools and features.


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