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Which Content Should You Re-Optimize On Your Website?

Which Content Should You Re-Optimize On Your Website

Content re-optimization has proven to be one of the fastest ways to improve rankings and drive in more traffic. This could be possible due to various factors like age value, comprehensiveness, and high potential. So, if you are considering a re-optimization of your content, it’s a great idea! But, do you know which content you need to re-optimize? Instead of wasting time optimizing content for that part which won’t be noticeable or which won’t bring in any leads, it is wise to first understand the part of content that needs to be optimized on your site, and then work only on those parts to eliminate wastage of time, and increase your gains. So, here are some steps and tips to identify which content on your site needs to be re-optimized.

Find threshold keywords

If a piece of content isn’t ranking in the top five positions for a target keyword, it isn’t providing any value. You need to identify the keywords that can be brought into the first five by just giving a slight boost. Don’t fetch keywords that are ranking on page 5, and expect it to come all the way up to the top five. That is only insane! The maximum possible position that can be pulled up to position 1-5 is position 30, which means the last rank on the third page.

Keywords with good search volume

Once you have the threshold keywords in hand, you need to further streamline them down to only those keywords that have a good search volume and are an indication for success.

Keywords with low difficulty scores

You not only need the keywords with high search volume, but those that have low organic difficulty scores too. You need to be looking out for the easiest possible wins available.

Relevant keywords

So now, you are left with threshold keywords with a significant search volume and least possible difficulty scores. And, you know that the remaining keywords in your list all have high potential to drive more traffic with proper re-optimization. But, you must also make sure that the keywords are relevant to your particular business. Once you know that you want to rank for these keywords, you can move ahead.


Remember, URLs rank for multiple keywords, and if you don’t evaluate all the keywords a URL ranks for, you may re-optimize for a lower potential keyword, and lose your rankings for the high value keywords you are currently ranking for.

There is a lot more that you can do

  • You can update the old content in your CMS with newly written content.
  • You can simply update the publishing date.
  • You can fetch as Google/request indexing, where you can jump into Search Console and re-index the page so that you don’t have to wait for the next natural crawl.

With new content in place, you will not only rank higher, but you may also have the possibility of outranking your best competitors! So, go on and re-optimize your outdated content, but only after identifying which content you actually should be re-optimizing. And, for everything else, you could always hire digital marketing services in India to take care of all your ranking aspects.


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