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Best Practices For An Online Retailer

An online retailer can do a great job to sell his products if his website is well optimized. However, a one-time optimization isn’t enough. You need to keep adding a new line and new products, or even have a website redesign to make it appear fresh and updated. You need many such best practices to be followed every now and then to improve areas of concern.

Engaging landing pages

A landing page is one of the most important pages of your website. New visitors land on your landing page and decide upon how they feel about your website there and then. How the page looks and feels is what makes more than 50% of visitors decide if they want to browse through your other pages or not. if they don’t feel connected or positive on the landing page, they will simply move away. Therefore, you need to have a well-designed landing page that is visually appealing, spacious, engaging, and conveying the right message. Also, the call-to-action buttons must be clearly available and smart.

Competitive pricing

Obviously, you have competitors selling the same products as you do. People will then want to buy from the one selling at a lesser price. They will always go to multiple websites to search for the same product, compare the features, the advantages, and prices, and only then decide on where to buy from. Thus, you need to be competitive; not only in pricing, but many other aspects. In fact, you need to keep offering competitive options to make your products more appealing over your competitors, which would have more and more customers revisiting your store for more. One of the most trending and powerful option is that of free delivery. So, you can work that out and offer the customers the product as the same price that your competitors are offering, but with a free delivery offer. You will definitely beat your customers there!


People always want sales and discounts. They may wait for a month or two to buy what they are craving for, if they know that a particular sale is coming up that will offer them the same product at 40% off! So, you will need to design such offers to appeal to customers, and make them desire only to get that product from you. Or, you could give them loyalty points and cashbacks that can be redeemed in any way.


If you think that reviews are long forgotten, hold on! People still consider reviews to make their decisions. Getting a good rating is hence very important. When people see so many people write good things about your product, they are likely to buy it from you. On the other hand, any negative reviews will mean one step back from the purchase.

Smart management of all of the above facets is imperative to the success of your online business. It is good to get into a productive routine that encompasses all of the above to have consistent positive results. If this is difficult for you, you can always hire professional digital marketing services in India from experts who know how to do the job on a regular basis.


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