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Which Blog Posts Can Help You Earn Large Number Of Links?

which-blog-posts-can-help-you-earn-large-number-of-linksWhen you have quality inbound links from authoritative sites, you have a higher ranking on SERPs than otherwise, which result in higher visibility and thus, larger amount of traffic on your site. In short, you can build domain authority if you have more relevant links on your site. You can gain links by creating such compelling content that people are forced to link to it naturally. But, the question that arises here is – How will you know if your content is good enough to earn links? To help you answer this question, we have brought a list of some blog post types that will help you gain attention and earn links more naturally.

Sub-headings and bullet-points

When you have lots of information to share, instead of using long-form content to do so, try providing the same information with sub-headings or in points. People may not be interested or may not have the time to go through hundreds of words clubbed together, but they tend to browse through bullet points or sub-headings to see if something may interest them.


Infographics are an interesting and attractive way to help your audience understand and value your information. Your content becomes highly appealing from both logical and practical perspectives with the use of infographics. Long-form content becomes easy to digest and share with this type of appearance, which helps in increasing overall visibility. So, you can make your brand unique by using as much creativity as you want to design your infographics and attract audiences.


Just like infographics, even videographics are an easy and creative way to attract audiences. We all know how popular videos have become on social media platforms. Almost half of the NewsFeed page on Facebook is covered with auto-playing videos. Videographics have all the benefits of infographics, and the use of videos is on the rise.


When people are planning to buy a product, especially when it is of great value, they tend to ask their friends and family who have used it before, or they check for reviews online. So, whenever you have the opportunity to post reviews about any product or service, or when you have a latest piece of news about it, make sure you post it.


We all love stories, don’t we? We have been listening to stories from our parents and grandparents since a very young age. And, we all love stories even today. May it be case studies, anecdotes or metaphorical illustrations, post meaningful stores, and your content will definitely be shared, earning you lots of links.


Interviews are a great way to grab attention, whether you are the interviewer or interviewee. No matter whether the interview is in audio, video or written text, it has a large segment of online viewers interested. Sharing interviews will almost double your audience instantaneously, and multiply it further.

Attract large number of audiences by using any of these blog types, and you will surely gain tons of inbound links. But, this does not mean that you club all of these tactics together! You need to understand what type of blog post will suit your content type and how you must present it to have a successful content strategy. Hire the best link building services from a reputed company to have a superlative link earning strategy that will increase your domain authority, ranking, visibility and traffic instantly.


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