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How To Get Better Organic Results With PPC?


Many website owners think that organic results and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are poles apart and thus cannot go together. Organic results are a crucial factor when it comes to optimizing your website and improving its search engine rankings. PPC not being a white hat technique is assumed to not bring organic results. But the fact is that PPC marketing can also get you better organic results.

Here are some very easy ways through which you can use the PPC data for better search engine optimization (SEO) of your website:

Target the Right Keyword

Using the right keyword is definitely one of the most essential elements of organic results. While there are many companies which use ‘rule of the thumb’/ ‘hit and miss’ techniques to zero in the keywords, you can easily gather the information about the appropriate keyword with your private PPC data.

All you need to do is log into your web analytics platform, view your PPC account and analyze the data in order to know the exact keywords which have brought you the leads and sales.

This way you can also get hold of info regarding the most promising keyword – one which is sure to garner improved SERPs. Once you know the best keyword to target, you just have to develop relevant content for your landing pages.

Better Link Building Plan

Many companies do not give due importance to the link building process. Link building undeniably plays a critical role in the optimization of your website. Unless and until your website is not optimized, you cannot get better SEO and organic results.

So how does PPC help in link building? The answer is very simple, if you pay attention you will realize that along with traffic, you are also gaining links from valuable websites. Browse through all these back links and get hold of websites, blogs etc. from where you would prefer having backlinks. The next step is to link these websites back to the most relevant landing page on your website by anchoring it to the right keywords.

Conversion Friendly Landing Pages

With the help of PPC marketing you can very easily get information about the ad which is being viewed most by visitors on your website. Based on this data you can very easily come up with an effective organic copy in order to build conversion friendly landing pages.

 Dominate SERPs

With the help of PPC and other organic ranking strategies, it is recommended that you occupy as much space as possible above the fold on SERPs. This way you can easily rout out your competitors.

Build Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are two things which will automatically boost the organic results of any website. With PPC you get to place your website in the top of the search page. And as the visitor sees your content in organic search results answering their many questions, you not only get traffic on your website but also the trust of the visitors.

So these are some very simple yet highly effective ways with which you can gain better organic results with your PPC campaigns.


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