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Which Are The Most Appropriate Channels For Digital Marketing?

Which-Are-The-Most-Appropriate-Channels-For-Digital-MarketingPlanning to invest in digital marketing? But, with so many different channels available, which one would be the most useful to you? How would you know? For this, you need to know which different channels are available and what each one of them does, so that you can narrow down your options and then decide on which channel will be the most appropriate for you.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing a page to increase the amount of traffic driven to it online by attaining a high rank on SERPs. You must remember that this is a very time-taking process that involves a lot of effort on your part. Neither can you expect that it is a one-time procedure. You need to put in efforts for getting to the top of SERPs and then make regular attempts to keep it there for longer. These efforts and maintenance are best handled by professional providing proficient SEO services who have been in the industry for a long time and have enough expertise to help your page rank higher.

PPC marketing

PPC marketing or paid search is an online advertising procedure that is used to direct only targeted traffic to a website through SERPs. Here, you need to bid on the most popular and relevant keywords to facilitate your ads to be shown for relevant searches made by users. This kind of marketing will use up quite some money and resources.

Social media advertising

Who doesn’t know about social media today? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – all these have highly affected people across the globe. People are using social media platforms to connect to millions of people personally as well as professionally. You can use these platforms to place ads directly in the News Feed of targeted users.

Display advertising

This type of advertising involves placing banner ads on targeted websites that can present your brand and products/services to a large group of audience who will find your ad relevant and useful.

Which marketing channel is the most appropriate?

If you are a small or medium sized business, you might be looking for faster traffic and immediate growth while keeping your ROI in mind. In this case, PPC and social media advertising are the best options to bring in larger amount of traffic faster than the other options.

PPC marketing

PPC marketing helps you reach a targeted audience, which means that your audience is already searching for your product/service, thus making it the biggest benefit. All you need to do is choose the most relevant keywords and bid for them. This way you will get the best quality traffic – those for whom your content is useful, which increases the tendency of conversions. Obviously, this procedure has lots of competitors you will have to battle with who are also bidding for the same keywords. Your ads will be placed along with your competitors’ ads, so you must have the most relevant and attractive ad and landing page, and provide the best user experience, in order to be ahead of the others in your niche.

Social media advertising

This type of advertising is the best method when you want to introduce a new product/service in front of the audience. You have a great opportunity to popularize something that hasn’t existed before in front of a million people. This is where you can attract customers towards your brand to increase awareness and generate demand. But remember that people would be attracted to your product/service only if they find it highly useful. PPC may get very expensive if there is too much competition around. So, you can shift to social media advertising in such a case.


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