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What Are The Alternatives To Google’s Keyword Planner?

What-Are-The-Alternatives-To-Googles-Keyword-PlannerKeywords have been and will always be important for your content and website. There is no doubt in the fact that earlier keyword stuffing was the rule and now it brings a penalty. But, keywords are still important and will always be, maybe in even lesser amounts. So, you need to have access to tools that offer keyword ideas, and let you know the importance of one keyword over another. Google Keyword Planner has been one such important and useful tool. But now, Google is blocking access to this tool for those without active accounts. You never know it may put up further restrictions too. So, it is better to be prepared with other alternatives. Here is an exhaustive list of many such alternatives you may use but, you may also get in touch with a proficient online marketing company in India to help take care of marketing your content in the right way and by highlighting the most appropriate keywords for your business.


SEMRush is driven by a huge dataset of search data from 26 countries, and offers keyword ideas, search volume, keyword difficulty score, estimated CPC and current ranking domain information for a given keyword.


Wordstream has a free keyword tool that allows a limited number of free searches that include only related keywords. However, Wordstream’s paid subscribers can view search volume too.


With Moz, you have the option to choose from any location across the globe to conduct your search. Its filtering options let you exclude your specific query term to get more ideas. You can avail related query ideas, estimated search volume, keyword difficulty score, and current domain ranking information for a particular keyword with Moz.


For using Bing, you need to have a website that is verified in Bing’s Webmaster Tools so that you can use its keyword tool. Although you might not get broad keyword ideas as with other free keyword tools, Bing’s keyword tool can display both broad and exact match search volume.


Ahrefs has a very powerful keyword research tool that provides keyword ideas and search volume for all match types. It also has an accurate keyword difficulty score metric. Ahrefs is a paid tool. However, if you sign up for a free trial and then cancel it, you will have access to its free version.

Keyword Discovery

One of the oldest keyword tools in existence, Keyword Discovery pulls search data from the widest list of resources. You can discover great useful ideas with this tool that you may not find with other tools. However, it has been found that the predicted search volumes from Keyword Discovery vary widely from that of Google. It is a paid tool but, there can be a limited amount of free searches that can be conducted.


Keywordtool.io suggests keyword ideas from Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon. You can choose from a list of suggested keywords from every Google TLD, language and location. With the free version, you can gain access to hundreds of suggested keywords. However, if you want access to search volume estimations, you will need to opt for a paid plan.


Scrapebox – though known widely for its black hat SEO features, has lots of white hat advantages too, out of which keyword research is one. A handful of keywords you get from Scrapebox will help you gain hundreds and thousands of possibilities. However, one drawback is this software runs only on a Windows desktop environment.


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