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What Is The Secret Of A Successful SEO?



There are a number of SEOs that are competing with one another. All the specialized SEOs are clear about what they do and what they want. Some of them are successful while the others are not as much. Whatever level the SEOs stand on, one of the most important characteristic that successful SEOs possess is that they know and understand the content value. They can differentiate between good and bad content.

How does SEO relate to content?

SEO highly relates with content. Let us take a look at what the elements of a good content are and how SEO connects with them.

  • Keywords make it possible for users to find the appropriate site via search engines. A website with proper keywords can attract higher traffic, which in turn increases the site’s ranking.
  • Title tags are used on SERPs to display a preview for a page. A brief accurate description of a page’s content is important for user experience as well as SEO.
  • URLs describe a page to visitors and search engines. Keeping them relevant and accurate is the key to ranking well. Earlier, URLs were in the form of garbled codes. Now, URLs are getting to be clean, simple and understandable.
  • Headings, like title tags, are an introduction to what the page is about. This is also important for user experience and SEO.
  • Meta descriptions though not directly important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-throughs. These short paragraphs let the users know exactly what information is contained in the given page.
  • Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices require that the anchor text should be relevant to the page that it is linking to.

How much of content should an SEO know?

SEOs do not have to be great writers but, they must be able to recognize good content. Some SEOs only work on technical things like robots.txt, validating HTML codes and others. Though such SEOs do not know how to create content but, they at least know the value of good content. The most well-known SEOs are great writers. But, some of the world’s best SEOs are working in agencies, writing awesome content for the world’s highest-ranked websites or their own companies, and are never known of.

How to improve and be a better SEO?

The first and foremost task to do in order to become a good writer is to read. Reading good stuff will help you write good stuff. Read what the best well-known SEOs say, read good quality site’s content, read all that you can. Once you are in a habit of reading good content, you will be able to instantly differentiate high quality content from the poor, and once you get the ability of doing this, you can start writing better for your clients.

Try keeping a personal blog where you can regularly write. Regular writing will help you improve. If you don’t have a personal blog, you can start writing as a guest for other industry blogs.

Headlines, meta descriptions, title tags and summaries are very essential parts of an article. Start writing these. They are few liners but, they create the highest impact on the readers. Try writing captivating lines to attract the users. This will improve on your writing skills.

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